My community has been asking for a draft for quite a while. Tonight, we're going to try to nail down the format and see who's in.
If you want to be involved, be there and make yourself known in the Discord.
Tonight @ 10p.m. Central Time.

@licensetodraw Yeah, I think having a plan and holding yourself to it is going to be key.

Let's start a new conversation about how we interact with Niantic here.

Does the cycle of Tweeting our outrage until they do something really satisfy us? Or are we just shaming them into half-measures that placate the majority of us without delivering a quality product?

Do the "influencers" that have connected with Niantic merit the influence that we have granted them? Or have they become too afraid to lose their Niantic connection? Who best represents our community?

How do we redirect the conversation and narrative to something that is more meaningful above the noise of people that will complain about anything and past the influencers who urge patience and get limited results?

@potd_bot I'm sorry. Kecleon is a sore spot in the PoGo community. 😂​ I think it is just a myth.

Special overnight Rhydon Spotlight hour. Thanks Niantic!

An example of how Pokémon Go can be a positive force, instead of another toxic video game culture.
What started out as scan for a poffin on a lovely day turned into sincere reflection on what is important, learning from the mistakes of history, and remembering our place in it.

@Shagnuss is here! I can officially delete the Twitter app! Huzzah!

If you found me here, you may realize that I deactivated my Twitter.
Just as I already knew, the platform is so limiting and frustrating that I managed to hurt people that I care about by my words.
Even though the word limit here is still not a lot, I don't feel like I have to cram everything into a tiny little box.
This allows me to express myself more fully.
I say that not to absolve myself of any blame for hurting people, but merely to say that platforms like Twitter are truly damaging due to their toxic culture and the way they encourage short, snarky responses.
Trying to find my zen here.

@Siphonay Thank you for the welcome. Please let me know if there is any particular best way to get accustomed to the culture/standards here. 😀​

I'm trying to think of how I can spend this GoFest that will be special, and this GoFest memory popped up. It seems so long ago!
How should I spend this GoFest?

I know it isn't likely to get much attention here just yet, but I will be hosting a Venture Cup live on stream again, as usual.

@Stumpy2517 Let's see. Wish list for things I do want to see:
1. People working together to make the PoGo PvP community a better place by offering up their talents and ideas.
2. People showing how they play PoGo in a way that enriches their life, rather than just shows they can grind this game like any generic video game.
3. Stories about experiences people have as a result of PoGo that show what this game can be, rather than just how good they are at it.
4. People with similar ideas coming together and making something great, rather than everyone doing their own thing and wanting credit.
5. Pointing out of the more interesting issues going on with the game than just what shiny happens to be released, including putting the spotlight on the most interesting Silph Road/Arena posts.
6. Enough engagement to get all of the important PoGo news without dealing with Twitter baggage.

My wishlist of things never to see in my circles here on Mastodon.
1. The word Pepega. It isn't clever. It isn't nice. It isn't original. I never want to hear it again.
2. Drama posts. People complaining about such and such team that they can't stand to see.
3. Community Day shundo posts. I'm sorry, but if I don't know you IRL, it usually makes me assume you use scanners.
4. Leaderboard chasing on GBL. Honestly, completely boring.

@sachirin Thank you. Quiet and real dialog sounds good to me. Tired of the noise!

I'm here, looking for meaningful communication and community building through Pokémon.
I want to escape the nightmare that is Pokémon Go Twitter. Please join me!

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