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once again, beyooooond1st is a god tier album

think i will do the craziest thing i've ever done in my life and wake up at 4am to go on a jog

i know consumerism bad but as soon as that hyunjun ver. LOONA JP single drops i am going to buy it

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and Fuji Rock is this weekend! I just got out of TENDOUJI and the dresscodes, now going into yonige's set. Yogee new waves, RADWIMPS, Vaundy are also today!!!!

finally got the chance to listen to the AAAMYYY second album and have never heard anything better

my mom: weed bad never want you to do it
me, the weeder:

GetNavi + subbing her 1st biyogakkou episode! thinking of doing something else too

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working on translating things for Rika's birthday and wow i have so much planned im so cool

AAAMYYY album releases 8/16? 17? 18? either way im too excited

recently just picked up flower arrangement as a hobby LOL i'm so powerful

jo haseul if you are reading i am in love with you

i think i may as well get one part time before i get thrown into my office job

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