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life update started going to therapy and watched 4 seasons of power rangers in chronological order. same effect

i just had this mindblowing moment an hour ago and i think i will finally move towards not engaging in capitalism because idols. i think i can overcome this

i walked into the living room mid nft qr code superbowl commercial and was so confused i thought the apocalypse was happening fr

life rant (literal) 

i thought about how i feel like i haven't grown at all. i mean i feel like i don't know how to do/approach anything at all. maybe it's because i've only had 2 years total of high school in person? during quarantine i don't really talk to people / have the opportunity to go out and interact with the real world

OK... if i lose Ichika limista, i'll ship her asap with my badges. (DHL Shipping is 38 USD for two tiny little badges!?!!!)
but if I win I can feel safe enough to surface mail haha

50. Who is Princess? - FUN
40. Angerme - Aisare Route A or B?
20. B.O.L.T. - Smile Flower
10. - Princess Dempa Power! Shine On!

3. Watashi, Koi Hajimetatteyo!
2. ???
1. ???

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this is how im getting the complexity point on the aplit exam

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studying with music is so bad for me bc i get songs stuck in my head during tests. imagine writing on an in-class essay "ayysap! wooh"

impolite opinion on the talk&talk by fromis 

i dislike it very much

i also found the password to my bank account that i had to reset like weeks ago. wow.

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i found my password on a postit under my plastic dinosaur water gun.

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i got into my student athlete grind outfit, cleaned my desk, planned an outfit for tomorrow and the day after that, dusted my collection. procrastination god

finals week and im like "let me go take this 9 hr nap"

once again, beyooooond1st is a god tier album

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