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ʚ♡ɞ oshi list 

• Shimakura Rika (kamioshi)
♡ Kawamura Ayano
♡ Yamazaki Mei

✧ An Julia
✧ Seta Sakura

• Yumemi Nemu
• Jinsoul
• Kim Hyunjin

♡ heracross
♡ golisopod
♡ paras
♡ charjabug

at home, completely quiet and working on the things we need to do

my sister: WE ARE OTHER

when i get a test (in a week?) i'm absolutely screwed lol

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they literally have matching "RIVALRY RINGS" they literally have rings!!!! theyre a package DEALL!!!!

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abt the audition

i'll literally take anybody from KSS
please debut ichitan and natsume together ufa useless company i am BEGGING

me and my sister watching the 2nd anniversary biyo live skits

me: omg wait yuha likes rika now she gave up on meganekun
her: this is a skit
her: they made it not hoshibe
me: its canon
her: its not canon
me: its canon its canon

please dress as spicy peppers. please

or since there could be character roles i must suggest that the yuharika love is really spicy

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kurumin used "民族" (refers to "ethnicity" or "race") to describe gekikara love mv... nooooo...

h!p i expect that new h!p group on the next harodori episode

me commenting トリコになちゃったー!on uutan’s blog as if im not rika gachikoi

re: 2nd single release predictions 

Couuuld they perform these early at harocon. maybe. will look at the schedule again to see what lines up

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2nd single release predictions 

2/6: konna hazujanakatta radio rip on biyonai

2/3 on harosute: NNN preview
2/5 NNN MV
2/7 Unit song on Biyonai

2/13 Gekikara preview
2/15 Gekikara MV
2/17 two unit songs on Biyonai

2/20 konna preview
2/22 konna MV

biyo mgmt if you try anything sus with this mv im leaving the fandom and youre losing an asset

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i defend gekikara like its my firstborn child or something

the school data center got shut down bc of the windstorm last night and they can't take roll for the day. GOODNIGHTTT!

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