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just watched the new girl gun lady episode crying so hard rn

i was kinda forced to work a wedding over the weekend and there were "no masks allowed"

does anyone have favorite gay and/or mystery thriller movies

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me vs recommending lesbian movies whenever rika asks for movie recs

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i've been watching girl gun lady and its so funny but like angsty

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we've decided our goal to get moribiyo fully translated... a week...

for my 3rd watch of moribiyo i think i'll livetoot it

summary begins for moribiyo once i get over this depression that was so depressing

i think i'll be back here for another informal summary thread for moribiyo while i put together my thoughts for a full review

though looking at rika's photobook still makes me really uncomfortable so maybe i respect her too much

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idol photobooks vs bad people 

you cannot appreciate the boob if you do not respect the person with the boobs

vietnam, 4/30 

i think its very sick and evil that i have units on justifying US militarism in Vietnam when... 4/30 is literally coming up soon. thats evil

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