Even if they promise not to do it, doesn't mean they won't do it (︶︹︺)

It feels horrible to be almost a homeless

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nintendo, you should have your unimaginably successful company take a tip from a poverty-striken transo:

maybe start hyping up creators alongside miyamoto. maybe somebody who hasn't been working with you since before the millennium. who's workin at retro? who worked on the galaxy/3d world team?

maaaybe look into different voice actors for certain spin-off styles.
just sayin

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- lyric 

Affection, all I want right now is affection
affecrion, all I need right now is affection
you don't think I see you but I see right through you

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Delicious tacos / drugs 

After a lot of beer and lots of weed enjoy some great tacos

I wish I could afford the Pokémon sword expansion. (。•́︿•̀。)

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throwback to the thing in or/as where you could fly around a 3d map on latiꜵs' back any time you wanted. i liked that

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Pixar's Up - or: We Accidentally Hit The *Make Feature-Length* Button While Making This Short

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pokémon levels are 11% and falling

(11%) ■□□□□□□□□□

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Trans/Otherkin Intersectionality Hot Take 

Honestly, I think that the experience of being 'kin and trans is so closely linked that I do feel that we won't really have trans justice until we also have 'kin justice.

It's just a shame that otherkin folks aren't as well-accepted....anywhere, really.

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The very existence of trans masculinity enriches all masculinity

Boardgames 😊 

Ready to play some games!!

I really don't want to do any homework

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