So can anyone tell me what this thing is? Not on every light.

If you needed another reason to check out ProtonMail for secure email

Pro tip: the best way to prevent Google from scanning your emails is to stop using Gmail and then convince everyone you know to also stop using Gmail.

A single shiny today (chikorita community day) :( caught 3 for my wife tho

Is 90% of fediverse furries? It’s just a stream of nasty CW stuff from anthro avis

Finally got the step of the Celebi quest that needed the Sunflora evolution and FINALLY caught a Ditto this evening :D but now I’ll be stuck on evolving a Magikarp for years 😭

//m.s goes down//

Maybe I should join another instance?

//looks at the plethora of instances available//


//experiences overwhelming choice paraylsis//

Well, there's that >.>

Probably going to catch Mew before I catch a Ditto, at this rate

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