Purposefully haven't looked anything up for Hollow Knight and managed to get 95% of the way through before my progress started slowing down. This game is fabulous!

Hollow Knight is such a great game! If you have a Switch, it's a perfect use of the $15 it costs if you like platformers 😁​

I don't like hangovers. Why do I do this to myself. 😭

I like the feel of Mastodon over Twitter by a lot, honestly. Especially the lack of fake accounts.

Despite the infection issues suffered prior to the battle with Bugsy, the kid himself was far more forgiving. It was Mable who insisted on starting first. I was nervous, seeing as she'd just recovered from being literally poisoned, but when I turned to Oscar, he backed away avoiding any challenge to her request. And so, there she stood.

I was surprised at how things started: Bugsy's Metapod and Kakuna hardly put up a fight in their legless state, especially since Mable's electricity went straight through their hardened exoskeletons. A bit tangled in string as she was, Mable only had to focus her aim on the moving Scyther before it had the chance to approach...

And it worked! Mable had single-handedly won us a Hive Badge! Wait, what's happening? Mable, are you okay?

Nope! Turns out I had a spare Antidote handy, so Oscar was fine. The Slowpokes dawdled for *so long* and it was up to me to haul them back to the surface. One by one. Shove one in the bucket, climb up the ladder, pull, unload, climb back down, repeat.

(Guess which back-hurt buffoon was the heaviest.)

Once Kurt and the Slowpoke were returned safely, Oscar, Mable, Egg, and I made our way to the Azalea Gym where Mable developed a quick understanding for Oscar's earlier internal battle: poisoned again! And not once, but twice! Thankfully I had just enough PSNcureberries to help her fend off the illnesses, but this had me genuinely terrified for a full three seconds before checking my pack.

But it's at the gym's center that the real challenge awaits....

Turns out inviting Mable to the team was a dream come true. She's already made quick work against all the Zubat in Union Cave, and it seems to me that she might just be enjoying all the newfound attention she's been getting from Oscar; I catch her glancing back at him whenever her tally goes up.

Personally, once I got over my fear of those sightless flying rats *shivers*, things got a little boring. We ran into some trainers, but none of them stood a chance! Passing the Azalea Town sign, it was straight to the Apricorn Maker's house.


Everything was well with the world up to this point, that is until our friend Kurt decided to take a dip in one. Fending off Team Rocket was reminiscent of Union Cave, but it was there that Oscar got his first taste of poison. Nothing to worry about... right?

As expected, Oscar and I made it through victorious and snagged ourselves a Zephyr Badge. We scooted back to the Violet Center, snatched our buddy "Egg" from Prof. Elm's Aide, and our newly founded trifecta casually brandished our achievement all the way down to Route 32.

Perhaps a bit too delighted, Oscar managed to trip on something. Looking down, he was instantly shocked and equally spellbound; however, that something made it apparent that it was not at all enthused to be fallen for. When he didn't remove himself, his shock quickly turned literal.

At the end of it all, Oscar offered a Miracle Seed that some guy gave to me a minute prior (I played it cool), and this seemed to settle their differences. Mable has since decided to join us on our adventure!

So far things have been great for me and Oscar. Our rival and Sprout Tower were no match for us! 💪 Now it's off to Violet Gym to test our newfound abilities....

Guess who my starter is...!

I'll be updating my play-through here intermittently. I'll be starting on Silver.... Wish me luck!

I've decided to go with these in-game limits, as they won't disallow achievement gets:

> No soft resets
> Fainting = release
> Battle style = set
> No running
> Pokeballs only
> No TM use
> No held items
> Starter Pokemon decided by Trainer ID's final digit
1-3 = Grass
4-6 = Fire
7-9 = Water
0 = Choose
> Upon entering a new building/route/cave, the player may not leave until it is cleared of all trainers or until they physically cannot progress
> Completed areas can be left and returned to freely

If anyone has any ideas for achievements, feel free to reply below 😋​

To not sacrifice in-game freedoms too much, I think an achievement list would best accomplish what I'm looking for. I'd love everyone's input! Here are some examples:

> Fill the regional Pokedex
> Trade with every NPC
> Battle every trainer
> Max out your money
> Raise x Pokemon to Lv. 100

Give me your best ideas! 😄​

Trying to figure out how I could make the Pokémon games interesting/difficult again. Even Nuzlockes aren't really piquing my interest tho...

Anyone have ideas?

Hi, donphan.social! Been on an online privacy binge lately... I chose this instance since, out of all 90's games, Pokémon in particular had a big impact on me since picking up Blue at age four. Now I'm twenty-five: big gamer, anime fan, and wannabe traveler -- all undoubtedly the result of this franchise! It's nice to meet you all! 👋


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