Nope! Turns out I had a spare Antidote handy, so Oscar was fine. The Slowpokes dawdled for *so long* and it was up to me to haul them back to the surface. One by one. Shove one in the bucket, climb up the ladder, pull, unload, climb back down, repeat.

(Guess which back-hurt buffoon was the heaviest.)

Once Kurt and the Slowpoke were returned safely, Oscar, Mable, Egg, and I made our way to the Azalea Gym where Mable developed a quick understanding for Oscar's earlier internal battle: poisoned again! And not once, but twice! Thankfully I had just enough PSNcureberries to help her fend off the illnesses, but this had me genuinely terrified for a full three seconds before checking my pack.

But it's at the gym's center that the real challenge awaits....

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