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for the artists, there's a water pokémon zine taking applications right now! it's called Rain Dance, and all proceeds will be going to the flint water fund!!
:panpour:​ :ducklett:​ :marshtomp:​

i forget why i never "officially" relaunched this (i finished it in january?) but check out this pokemon gen 3 secret base designer i made :fatyoshi:

pls people keep all my poke art here on mastodon, dont repost/crosspost it to twitter ever

Pet peeves: When people spell it 'foodin' and not Houdin. The fu can be a hu sound too. It also shows they don't know what the name us referencing. Houdini. =_ =

@stuxnetsource Uhh I think the Minecraft server caught fire and took down the Masto server ^^;;

Is anybody in contact with @vantablack? Lack of posts is concerning considering what they were going through.

Obviously, boost widely.

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