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i decided to go back to and actually yknow post some art bc it’s been a while, and i asked a question abt account migration because i thought i could change my username that way

and the curator called me an ass and told me to delete because i posted a small amount of things in quick succession

also hey y’all should fuckin uhhhhh do artfight this year

i forgot about this oops
hello from work

sometimes you just gotta play pixelmon for several hours and then pass out in the middle of the afternoon! it's valid!

my moves:
* pay day
* bite
* rest
* slash

i'll beat you up, steal your money, n then take a nap

what if i advertise this instance on my tumblr

unpopular opinion: the sun/moon anime / new style is really good

i think i'm too active for this instance shdfssdjlkfs

btw if you have disney XD, they're doing a pokemon movie marathon for like 12 more hours

hi i'm tenta i'm 27 and in a constant state of whiplashing between "extreme anxiety" and "asleep"

i've been playing pokemon since red/blue, and i still don't iv/ev train my pokemon because that's just too much effort for my adhd ass

i draw sometimes, have some arts

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