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This is the one spreadsheet that I am most proud of, due to the sheer amount of effort required in making and maintaining it. It lists the *method* of obtainment for every pokémon in every game, with special pages for Hidden Abilities and for GO.

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I'm Nikkie! He/him, 20. I'm Canadian and have been my whole life. I'm currently studying Accounting at college, though I have interest in Drawing, 3D Modelling, and Writing, of which I am currently neck deep in a Story Idea™ I can't put down.
I am autistic. I always attempt to be kind, so if I don't come off as such please tell me!!

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I just posted chapter 2 of my little fantasy story and I didn't instantly regret it, so I feel very happy right now :)

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I learned that apparently pikachu has a few more hat forms in PoGo than I thought and I had to update all my relevant spreadsheets :/

I bought pokemon yellow on the virtual console today

I honestly don't know what to say when I'm on this site. I feel disconnected

I'm writing a fantasy story.
It's a lot of work and I often get stuck on what to write next.
I really should write out a more thorough plan, but I just.. I don't like that idea for whatever reason.

There are dragons and magic and deals with gods and even a character with a magic illness.

One day I hope that my story can make people happy and that they will put it down and still think of it fondly.

i left a supportive comment on an original work that I really love and the author told me that reading it made them very happy and I... I'm just really happy that I made them happy

for as much as I like math, boy oh boy do I hate math

I turn 21 in less than two weeks and I feel kinda scared?

The whole idea of resetting emerald for the Johto starters just... gives me some interesting feelings and I kinda wanna try that just to say that I did?

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I think my game plan here will be to not EVER reset the Ruby save cuz the hoenn national dex will be kinda hard for me to get cuz I don't have a second GBA or even a GBA link cable rn, reset the Emerald in an attempt to exploit Mirage Island, and try my best to use these games to get all the pokemon.
(I plan to get my hands on colosseum and XD and play them on my Wii to help me with that mission, but I kinda don't wanna use them for Pokedex completion, just for the challenge)

overall I think the games my brother got me were really cool and kinda telling about the people who previously owned them. it was kinda awesome to get that glimpse into other people's lives :)

The LeafGreen had ONE badge and a Lv5 magikarp named "Death" in their party, which was one of the only 3 pokemon they have ever owned on that save file

Also, both the Ruby and the Emerald had dead batteries, but that's not really important

The FireRed had 3 badges, was in Pokemon Tower, had only 4 pokemon in their party (a lv40 blastoise being front and centre)

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