I think my game plan here will be to not EVER reset the Ruby save cuz the hoenn national dex will be kinda hard for me to get cuz I don't have a second GBA or even a GBA link cable rn, reset the Emerald in an attempt to exploit Mirage Island, and try my best to use these games to get all the pokemon.
(I plan to get my hands on colosseum and XD and play them on my Wii to help me with that mission, but I kinda don't wanna use them for Pokedex completion, just for the challenge)


The whole idea of resetting emerald for the Johto starters just... gives me some interesting feelings and I kinda wanna try that just to say that I did?

@nikkie2571 I usually via pokemon colosseum as easier to reset for the starters given how early you can get them in

@Iano Honestly I just wanna hard mode it. Using only the GBA games has some serious time sink requirements and I wanna go through the challenge, even if all I get is bragging rights
So, in my little game plan I'll really only be using Colosseum and XD for Ho-Oh and Lugia, but it's not like I'll be missing out on the experience, I just don't want to use them for pokedex completion in the main games.
Plus, I'm more willing at the moment to buy those games (and the memory card and link cable) than I am to buy another GBA (and GBA Link Cable) so I kinda plan on using them for trading purposes

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