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I just posted chapter 2 of my little fantasy story and I didn't instantly regret it, so I feel very happy right now :)

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@deasach There's the Festive, Ash, Witch, Party, Summer, and Fragment hats, as well as the Spring and Winter hats, which as of yet are not released. The last two are the ones I was not aware of.

Also Spinda has 9 unique forms (one of which has a heart shaped dot) in GO to compensate for not having all 4 billion permutations that the games do

I learned that apparently pikachu has a few more hat forms in PoGo than I thought and I had to update all my relevant spreadsheets :/

I bought pokemon yellow on the virtual console today

@funkeh I'd like to politely request being togekiss! Please and thank you ^~^

I honestly don't know what to say when I'm on this site. I feel disconnected

I'm writing a fantasy story.
It's a lot of work and I often get stuck on what to write next.
I really should write out a more thorough plan, but I just.. I don't like that idea for whatever reason.

There are dragons and magic and deals with gods and even a character with a magic illness.

One day I hope that my story can make people happy and that they will put it down and still think of it fondly.

i left a supportive comment on an original work that I really love and the author told me that reading it made them very happy and I... I'm just really happy that I made them happy

for as much as I like math, boy oh boy do I hate math

@cloverdile If you have Blue I suggest playing it. I personally haven't played the other games, but what I've heard is that Explorers is where the series peaked and that Super just drags on into monotony? However, I can't confirm that for you. :(

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