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hey there! I'm a deaf lady! I work on an comic called Worn Aurum ( and I draw a lot (! Both are SFW.

I also run Sometimesdigimon (

I do commissions! You can find 'em; examples and prices both; at my site,!

AHH AWOO MY GOSH look at this wonderful art of my friend Esther that @princessnapped drew!!!! esther looks quite tired after punching all of those boulders....

gonna stream some! I have a bit o' work to do. Gonna try a commission, at least one WA page, maybe POTD, maybe DOTD, and maybe some other stuff. Join me!

paintstorm makes things transparent by default, I need to figure out how to fix that

i didn't draw necrozma bc i don't like how clunky its design is :9

Gonna join some of my lovely friends in art! Join us!! +O+ @NoyiiArts@twitter @GabeJamesGames@twitter

soon i will be home and able to catch up on POTD ;;
i'll prob do an huge-ass stream to catch up on everyhing because oh jeez i got a lot of work to do lmao

got work to do! Join me!
It'll either be:
1) a very short stream due to me having only 4 hours of sleep on me, or
2) a very long stream due to me having gotten myself on an nocturnal schedule
we'll see!

i'm gonna need to catch up on things unfortunately, internet here - at my grandmother's - makes it hard to post stuff; her upload speed is bad. Download is pretty okay tho!
i'll still draw POTD's as they happen but I'll post them when I get home. :)

these were done in paintstorm. :) I am the MASTER OF "WEIRD PROGRAMS NOBOY KNOWS ABOUT"

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