The story so far : in 2016 I've decided to start playing pokémon games trying to catch all pokémon, without any kind of cheating device.

As a kid I've played a lot using no$gb and no$gba, so most of the times I would GameShark the fuck out of it.

In December, after some time, I finally made it, 149 pokémon without any kind of cheat. I have to double check, but I think after this pic I also got mewtwo (but not mew)

Today I've started a new heartgold game. I've started with :cyndaquil: , but I've played the beginning of soulsilver a few times and got :chikorita:​ and :totodile:​ too.

It's the first time I'm playing gold/silver again after the first time I played it, when it first came out for the gbc. I've started a crystal game at the time, but never finished it.

Let's see how this goes :trainer:

Today I've battled my way through the Sprout Tower, and after that got my Zephyr badge from the Violet gym.

I've been using mostly :pidgey: and :cyndaquil:, but I've also been training the :onix: I've got by trading in town, Rocky.

I also have a :sentret: which I've been slowly leveling up. I was avoiding :chikorita: and :totodile: since they were traded and very close to level 10.

On my way back home today I went into Ruins of Alph and captured :unown_b: , :unown_c: , :unown_d: , :unown_e: and :unown_i:

I also got an egg coming from prof. Elm, I remember what it has inside 🥚

Now I'm heading south!

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

I've came all the way to Azalea town, still with the 🥚, and I've faced team rocket and saved some :slowpoke: from having their tails sold!

Then I went into the gym with my party. My :cyndaquil: evolved into :quilava: and after some time I've defeated Bugsy and got the Hive badge!

My current party is :quilava: , :pidgey: , :chikorita: , :sentret: and :totodile: . A lot of almost evolving pokémon! Party is going to change a lot soon!

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

My egg hatched! My :togepi: got out 😄

Had a fight with the red haired rival and then decided to go back to new bark town to show togepi to the professor.

In the way I've fished a bit, got a :magikarp: and a :goldeen: . Also got a :spinarak: and a :slowpoke: but not from fishing :)

Ah, and my :chikorita: evolved into :bayleef:

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Alrite, lots of things!

I've went on my way back to Azalea, and then to Goldenrod City through Ilex Forest and on the way I got a nice share of new pokémon: :geodude: , :hoothoot: , :spearow: , :mareep: , :paras: , :drowzee: and an :oddish: !

Also, on the way, my :sentret: evolved into :furret: !

I'm now going to the Goldenrod City Gym :trainer:

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Goldenrod city gym was slightly harder than I expected! I had my first defeat to Whitney, that :miltank: of hers crushed through my party the first time. But a different strategy the first time and I made it! I now have the plain badge :)

My :totodile: evolved into :croconaw:, and my :pidgey: evolved into :pidgeotto: !

I managed to get that :sudowoodo: to move and captured it, quite close to spending all my pokeballs!

I found a :ditto: , a :nidoran_f: and got an :abra: from Goldenrod casino.

Now I want to think a bit about my current party. I have a feeling that I want to change it a bit. Let's see!

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Well, well, it seems I forgot to keep this up to date 🙃

A lot has happened since Goldenrod. For a brief: I caught :sudowoodo: , arrived to Ecruteak and it was an easy badge to get!

After getting the fog badge I went to Olivine city and found out about the sick Ampharos. I then headed out to Cianwood city and that's when things started to get more interesting.

The Cianwood gym was kinda hard. My team at the time had no good pokémon against fighting, so it was kind of a mess.
At that point my :togepi: had evolved into :togetic: and I grinded a bit so that it would get strong enough to resist the punches and manage to use it's psychic move. It took me a while, but I finally got the Storm badge.

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

I then flied back to Olivine, with the medicine for Ampharos.

The Olivine gym was rough. My team at the time was full of pokémons which were weak to either Steel, Electric or both.

After losing a few times, I decided to explore around for a bit and level up a :magnemite: which I had caught not too long ago.

I found the Safari Zone. Got some nice Pokémon there.
Then flied around and went to Mahogany town, where I got the red :gyarados: .

After some time my :magnemite: was strong enough to help me take on the Olivine gym, so I went back and managed to finally get the Mineral Badge.

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

I then flied back to Mahogany town to kick some :team_rocket: ass.

I went around and disabled the radio signal that was fucking up lake of rage, and after that I got the Glacier badge in a very chill fight.

I then proceeded to fly back to goldenrod city and take out :team_rocket: there too.

That's where I am right now, I managed to push team rocket out of the city and I only miss one badge from Johto.

My current party is made out of :furret: , :meganium: , :feraligatr: , :quilava: , :togetic: and :magneton:
With :pidgeotto: getting in and out of the party, since it's the pokemon I taught fly to.

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Blackthorn city was hard, but exciting!

I arrived at Blackthorn city after a tour by the ice path, where I caught a :jynx: and a :swinub:
And then I went straight to the gym, knowing that my party was not really ready to face a dragon gym, but willing to try anyway.

I got defeated a first time, Clair pokémon are around 38-41, and mine were around 31-33, with a 36 :typhlosion: , which had recently evolved.

I though about training that :jynx: , but I was feeling a bit lazy to level it up at least 10 levels for it to be useful, but I put it in my party anyway with an exp share and went to try my luck again.

It was one of the most exciting fights of this game. 😱

I lined up my :magneton: against Clair :gyarados: , and managed to defeat it against the odds

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Then I put my :feraligatr: against her :dragonair:, because of his ice fang. It was working very well, until dragonair paralyzed my feraligatr. I kept fighting with it anyway, hoping it would work, and managed to defeat the two dragonair this way, with feraligatr finishing almost out of hp and paralyzed.

For her :kingdra: , I've chose my :meganium: , but I knew from the previous defeat it could only take two hits before it fainted, so I used its poison powder, and I managed to hit! What happened after was a lot of fainting and switching, I was counting on managing to hold enough for its hp to go down by itself.

But kingdra had an item, of course, so it healed and cured itself of the poisoning. I decided to use :jynx: as means to heal :magneton:

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

And used :magneton: electric attack to lower :kingdra: hp. But magneton fainted when kingdra seemed to have only 20ish hp left. I only had my paralyzed and beaten :feraligatr: left, but I was sure it would not be faster than :kingdra:

I used :feraligatr: just to get time to revive :furret: for its quick attack. And the quick attack finished it all.

I now have the 8 badges! :trainer:

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

So, after getting the 8 badges, I was invited by the Kimono Girls to fight them and after that to go to the Bell Tower.

After some struggle, I managed to capture :ho_oh: with a Dusk Ball.

I then travelled to the Indigo Plateau, defeated Silver once more and made my first (botched) attempt at Elite Four.

I've managed to reach Bruno, but my :togetic: was defeated in it's first attempt and it was the pokemon with the fight/flying moves, so after that it was a lot of struggling until I was defeated.

I've switched :togetic: for :ho_oh: and I'm now doing some rounds around Kanto before trying a second time.

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Elite four was hard!

I've trained a bit around and then decided to train by going against elite four over and over. After three or four times, I've got some items and tried again. This time I've finally made it. Lance was hard, but with some switching here and there I've made it!

Can't wait to get to Pal Park and get my firered pokémon!

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Fought the first gym in Kanto and then went straight to get my pokémon from fire red!

Now I'm breeding a big because for a lot of pokémon I had only the last evolution. Got an :elekid: :pichu: :magby: :cleffa: :igglybuff: in the meantime :)

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Okay, getting to 200 pokémon in my pokedex! My goal is to reach the 250 of the Johto pokedex, I don't plan to fill the national pokedex in HeartGold :)

Now, I wonder. What game should I jump into next? Should I go sideways, into Platinum? Go GenV into Black and White?

I don't remember playing anything beyond Gen III, so any game will be new 🤔

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Getting to 250 it's taking a little longer with holidays in the middle of it, but, I managed to evolve a :espeon: and a :umbreon: yesterday, I've also defeated 7 of Kanto's gyms.
Now, I don't plan to fill the national pokedex, but since I found some incense in the way, I might still get the baby pokémon from those xD
Also I've been getting calls from the safari zone dude, I think I have some new areas to explore, maybe some pokémon will come out of that too xD

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

I'm catching some pokémon that were left, like :corsola: , :chinchou: and :aipom: and I feel like when I first played Gold/Silver I didn't saw these pokémon (or saw them very few times), because I really don't remember them 😱
In any case I'm now at 217 out of 256. I have some boring level ups to do 🙃


Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

I'm slowly getting there!

I've evolved my :tangela: into :tangrowth: and got an :ampharos: too.

Have a :scyther: , :slowpoke: , :seadra: , :poliwhirl: and :porygon: all lined up for trades to evolve!

I'm now at 231 out of 256 :)
Also, I didn't know about the "New Pokedex" vs "Regional Johto Pokedex" thingy when I started. Interesting, though :)

Kinda decided to go to Pokémon White after I get the 256. :trainer:

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

It's been a long time since an update, but I'm not on 250 out of 256.

I'm working hard on evolving my :pupitar: into :tyranitar: . I still have to catch :lugia: , but I'm holding on that since I haven't been able to spend much time training my team since I started training the :pupitar: .

Besides those, I'm missing the exclusives: :teddiursa: , :ursaring: , :skarmory: and :delibird: . I'm working on getting those now.

I still have some incense that I plan to use before I stop playing HG, and I plan to catch the duo :latias: and :latios: .

I still plan to go to Cerulean Cave and finish Mt. Silver, so I still might get some extra pokémon out of that.

But I'll pause for some time before starting the next game, I had my share of pokémon for a while 😂

Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Finally! 256 from Johto ✅
Last one was :lugia: !

I also caught :latios: and :latias: , and now I have some last stuff to do: fight red, go to cerulean cave and see if I can do some easy catches for the national pokedex.

Since I already have the Kanto legendaries, I was thinking of trying some reset for a while to try to get a shiny, but I'm afraid that might take a while 🤔

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