The story so far!

In 2016 I've decided to start playing pokémon games trying to catch all pokémon, without any kind of cheating device.

As a kid I've played a lot using no$gb and no$gba, so most of the times I would GameShark the fuck out of it.

In December, after some time, I finally made it, 149 pokémon without any kind of cheat.

In 2018 when I've joined I was starting a HG&SS adventure. I've finished it around Feb this year, with all 256 from Johto plus some extra ones because of the new Gen thingy. (The thread with the Game can be found over here:

And now, I'm starting a new B&W game! I haven't played B&W when it came out, so it's going to be a first :D

Pokémon White Spoilers 

I'm starting a new pokémon white game, I've chosen :oshawott: as my starter! But like last time, I'll play the beginning of pokémon black a couple of times to get :tepig: and :snivy:

Let's see how this goes :trainer:


Pokémon White Spoilers 

Alrite, off to a slow start, I've defeated the first gym with a party of :oshawott: , :patrat: , :purrloin: , :lillipup: and :pansear:

It seems that there's no way to trade pokémon before defeating the first gym, which will make getting the other two starters very slow.

I miss my heartgold pokémon 😭

Pokémon White Spoilers 

Okay, after what seems like forever, I've managed to arrive at the point of being able to trade!

So I've traded a :snivy: and a :panpour: from a Pokémon Black game I've started on the side.

Now I'm missing a :pansage: and a :tepig: and I'll be good for starter-related stuff!

Pokémon White Spoilers 

After another hour of replaying the beginning, now I have :tepig: and :pansage: too!
In the meantime, I also got a :pidove: and a :blitzle:
I think I have a fairly balanced party now, with :pidove: :blitzle: :tepig: :snivy: :oshawott: and :purrloin:
Off to the second gym we go!

Pokémon White Spoilers 

I got to Nacrene city after some small encounters with the Plasma Team. Captured a :woobat: in a cave on the way and :throh: inside Nacrene.

I trained a bit around the city, but with :throh: and Rock Smash, defeating Lenora was not that hard! 2 badges!

Then Plasma appeared again doing some shit 😅 Now I'm chasing them in the forest, where I found an :audino: in the moving grass!

I'm at 13 caught, I need to ramp up my catching!

Pokémon White Spoilers 

It was a productive time at Pinwheel forest. My starters evolved, now I have a :servine: :pignite: and :dewott:
I also caught a :timburr: :tympole: :sewaddle: and a :petilil:
Which puts me in a total of 21 for the Pokedex, which is a great improvement from the morning :)

Now off to Castelia City!

Pokémon White Spoilers 

Ah, had forgot a trade! Caught a :petilil: and traded for a :cottonee: :)

Pokémon White Spoilers 

Well, some stuff happened since the last time!
I've been to Castelia City, fought off Team Plasma. In the meantime, :pidove: evolved into :tranquill: .

Then, I defeated the Gym Leader over there. It was a fairly easy fight, with :tranquill: and :pignite: taking most of the lead.

I then went to Nimbasa City, passed by Route 4 and caught a :darumaka: , a :scraggy: , a :sandile: and a :maractus: . In nimbasa, besides talking to the professor, I've also had to fight some other thugs from Plasma Team, the man I've saved was so thankful he gave me a bike! 🚲

I'm probably going to pass by the desert resort to check out the ruins I've been hearing about so much.

Pokémon White Spoilers 

Well, the desert resort didn't lead to much. I had a few battles, levelled up a bit the team and got a fossil from a nice woman on the way.

I went back to Nimbasa and fought the gym leader. I had misunderstood that it was a ground gym, not an electric one.
Luckily I was still able to do it with my current team.

Now I'm off to route 5 and the Driftveil City.

Pokémon White Spoilers 

Well, it's been a while 😂
I've picked it up where I left off yesterday!

It seems I had forgotten to note down some stuff over here. I've already passed through Driftveil City (and I don't remember a thing) and I had last saved just outside the Celestial Tower on Route 7.
So yesterday I've went on to the Celestial Tower and after that I defeated Skyla. Pretty much only using my :zebstrika:

I'm now on Twist Mountain. 48 Pokémon on my 'dex.

My team is currently :samurott: , :zebstrika: , :servine: , :unfezant_f: , :pignite: and :throh:

Pokémon White Spoilers 

I've passed by Twist Mountain, but it wasn't that easy. I got a few hard battles making the whole team go down. Luckily I found a doctor that wanted to battle and said that if I won he'd heal my pokémon. It was close, but I managed to win and that made the rest of the way much easier. My :servine: evolved into :serperior: and my :pignite: into :emboar: !

Managed to capture a :gurdurr: , a :cubchoo: and a :cryogonal: !

I might still have to do another round in the mountain, feel like I didn't fully explore it, I saw a weird Ice Rock over there. 🤔

Anyway, Icirrus City here I go!

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