Pokémon Heartgold spoilers 

Elite four was hard!

I've trained a bit around and then decided to train by going against elite four over and over. After three or four times, I've got some items and tried again. This time I've finally made it. Lance was hard, but with some switching here and there I've made it!

Can't wait to get to Pal Park and get my firered pokémon!

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The story so far : in 2016 I've decided to start playing pokémon games trying to catch all pokémon, without any kind of cheating device.

As a kid I've played a lot using no$gb and no$gba, so most of the times I would GameShark the fuck out of it.

In December, after some time, I finally made it, 149 pokémon without any kind of cheat. I have to double check, but I think after this pic I also got mewtwo (but not mew)


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