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so excited to go out today, I'm gonna do a deoxys defense raid and hopefully get a regional :eyes:

i didn't post on saturday but here were my three treecko from community day!! I got the last boyo in the last 10 minutes praying for a third haha

lookin back on my 5 & 6 year old boyos for treecko day today....i love them

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me: im not a pokemon kinnie i swear
also me: im just a little pekacho...

Hello what's up everyone, my main is over on berries but pokemon is a huge special interest of mine so I thought I'd get on over here!!

Right now I'm mostly playing but i'm also getting excited for sword and shield and im

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Very successful today! Managed to evolve a :roselia: to :roserade: and a :bulbasaur: to :ivysaur: and caught so many :oddish: and even a couple of :sunkern: also excited to catch a :glameow: for the first time!

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