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I recently submitted one of my poems to The LLP Magazine (a literature magazine). I received an email earlier today saying it's been selected for publication in their upcoming issue! 😃

Christmas has come early this year, it seems! ❄️

I'm still coming to terms with the whole thing, to be honest. 😳

The poem I submitted to the magazine is 'Chasing Starlight', which is about a lonely li'l Black Hole. You can read it here:

Gonna be honest. Didn't expect the new Midnight Suns game to do so well critically. Wonder when the Switch version of the game will be out. 👀

It's so annoying that Fenix 2 stores pictures I wanna save in my Downloads folder instead of having its own dedicated folder. 🙄

It's finally the month of December. We can all finally talk about Christmas! 😄

New update for Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet out later today. Can't wait to see how the games run after the update! 👀

I wonder if Nintendo is planning to make any announcements during The Game Awards next week. Like, I dunno, the Metroid Prime 1 remaster? 👀

Today I learned Nintendo Switch Sports doesn't support Handheld Mode. 😕

Physicists have used Google's quantum computer to send a signal through a wormhole, a shortcut in space-time first theorized by Einstein and Rosen in 1935. The landmark experiment was published today in Nature. Lots to say about it. Here's my very deep dive:

Just realised that I haven't used the Picnic mechanic even once during the entire course of my Pokémon Scarlet play-through so far. 😅

Since Pokémon can't have overly complex plots, I love how Game Freak compensates by making the characters the heart and soul of the story. They've been doing that since the days of Pokémon Sun & Moon.

Feeling a bit directionless now that I've completed all the important stuff in my Pokémon Scarlet play-through. 😭

Listening to Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet music on YouTube. Go Ichinose, you magnificent genius! 😌

Just got done catching the Ruinous Quartet or whatever they're called. I really like them conceptually. One of them is a freakin' golem!

Every time I dismiss a notification from the notification centre, my phone produces a small haptic-feedback vibration, and it feels so satisfying. 😌

Not sure how I feel about the new trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The movie seems to be filled to the brim with references to various Mario spin-off games, but the run-time is just 90 minutes. 😅

There's so much negativity in Pokémon circles right now. 😕

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