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ongoing Pokemon games status report 

Gen 1: stuck in a building with no potions/repels/money looking for the MIA gym leader

Gen 2: all the Pokemon are in HOME, time to restart

Gen 3: n/a

Gen 4: done, just a Glameow source now

Gen 5: not even at the first gym yet and the DNS glitch team is OP

Gen 6: done in X + just tired in Y

Gen 7: done, raising the poor stats Turtwig to become a superstar

Gen 8: forever running away from the champion match

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I think I figured out why I like this bird. It looks and acts like a Muppet.

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The promo code for the Verizon mask and jacket: L9Y6T82UW4EVSE9

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I decided it would be this Blastoise. The OT ID is different than the save file's but the trainer name is the same, so I assume it's a starter from another of their games that they traded in

Emotionally devastated by the Sumikko Gurashi movie even the day after 😭​ (We both cried)

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Pokesona lol his name is just Lugia and he cosplays (or at least tries to)

also any pronouns are fine they don’t really care

Lugia friend :-)

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entering numbers into spreadsheets to see if i have enough time by the end of the year to hit 40 in pogo

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Kalos? In ? Are you kidding me??? I’ve been forever 99% with my Johto dex because I never got a Heracross - you never rolled out regionals in eggs like you did for the Kanto ones - AND we still don’t have Kecleon in game AND SHAYMIN etc etc why are you always skipping gens like this Niantic


(The Japan Foundation is streaming the Sumikko Gurashi movie this Friday! 🥰)

In all the games I’ve played so far, every time there was a Pokemon that would put up a fight (or eat up all the balls I had in my inventory, knock out my party, etc) then eventually get caught, I named it Jerky. So meet all these lovely ones named Jerky. Special shoutout to the Heatran in Pearl who took me a full 20 minutes to catch, how do you like it in there now JERKY ✨

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I transferred the first 99* Bulbasaurs to HOME and they all lost their custom names and catch data AND they can’t be transferred to any Let’s Go game**, which is where I wanted them to be in the first place 😞 Serves me right for not researching first. On the plus side, some of them ended up with way better stats than before.

* Bulba #1 will be my forever buddy
** I don’t even own any of these games

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