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Thank you to so many people on and even for all the tips!
Now I have to do this all over again for my Diamond team, but for now I’m just so proud of myself!

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Hey I’ve got one of my friends who doesn’t have any money and needs 200€ to pay for a surgery to save his pet rat. Sorry for the ugly tumblr theme but consider donating a bit if you can

Re: , I can’t play this game but I really like looking at it. (I played a minute of it on somebody’s save once! I got to climb a tree and pick up some items in a meadow /pleased)

Please link (ha) your favorite BOTW gameplay disaster clips. Here’s what I have so far.

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I watched this maybe like 10 times in a row and I still can’t stop laughing so I’m posting it here:

It’s a remote control airplane, which busts a hole through the ceiling!
But Diglett seems to be very happy with it.
The end!

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A cake is brought out! (Yay light!)
But then Diglett blows out the candles (okay it’s dark again)
The guests give Diglett a gift!

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Storybook#13: Diglett’s :diglett: Birthday Party
My favorite out of the bunch!

Here are the guests warily making their way down the pitch black burrow for the birthday party. (1)

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(This is where I scratch my head a little)
Cubone realizes that if they’re sad, they also make Ditto sad. So they smile and say, “I’m okay now!”
Ditto perks up a bit, then gets embarrassed: “I was trying to cheer you up, but YOU’RE cheering ME up!”
Cubone laughs at this, and Ditto is happy that their friend is feeling better.
The end.

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Ditto goes back outside and sits by Cubone quietly.
Soon, something moves from Cubone to Ditto and Ditto transforms into one big teardrop!
Cubone is surprised. “What’s wrong! Did something make you sad?”
“You’re sad,” says Ditto, “so much that even I can feel it.” 3)

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Ditto thinks of doing what they do best: transforming!
Maybe Cubone would be happy to see Marowak :marowak: again.
But Mama Ditto scolds Ditto, and gives this advice after hearing the whole story:

“Putting yourself in somebody else’s shoes means understanding how they feel.” (2)

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Storybook#8: Transforming Ditto :ditto:
This is kind of important so I’m turning it into a thread.

Ditto is friends with Cubone :cubone: . One day Cubone is sad because they remembered their mother. “Can you leave me alone today.” Ditto goes home but worries about their sad friend. (1)

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If anyone is looking for Mira right now, she's in boxes today

Sisterly (uchi) type

Storybook#3: Bulbasaur :bulbasaur: is in a Pinch (two kids fight because the boy treats Bulb as a frog, the girl treats Bulb as a tulip)

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