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Thank you to so many people on and even for all the tips!
Now I have to do this all over again for my Diamond team, but for now I’m just so proud of myself!

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@sachirin You should always have a few pokédolls on you just in case.

Before beating the champion, the level of the pokémons you encounter depends on the sector (excluding the unique pokémons that repop only once a day which can be more powerful). All pokémon in a given sector are around the same level, so if you encounter a pokémon that is too high level, you should avoid the whole sector.

After beating the champion, all pokémon in the wild lands will be at the same (high) level.

My "favorite" thing to do in the wild area is test-run into some random Pokemon and then desperately try to retreat when it turns out to be overleveled.

Participated in my first raid with other people. It was just against a :noctowl: but I’m surprised other players joined in. Got to see a :zamazenta: in action! Also saw a :zeraora: ! My :drednaw: and I did our best (we caught it) but I was just mostly in awe of higher level players 😅

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@sachirin 🎉

Ground/Water and Electrik/Water are good types combinations in general as they both have few weaknesses.

The type of the next gym depends on the version you play. Since you are playing 🛡️ , you'll probably want to use a few dark type.

Got the third gym badge! My very first time using a :quagsire: and a :chinchou:​ in game and they're very good. Rethinking my main team now.

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[Shield] small development 

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Needed for @sachirin : a pokémon sandbox game where you only catch, feed, and play with your pokémons. No battles, no story.

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Every time I run into this guy, “This Boy” by Franz Ferdinand plays in my head.

Also, re: what he said, it kind of stings but it’s true. I got my second badge but made a wrong decision in battle that could’ve been avoided if I stuck to my original plan. I just really suck at battling! But at least my Pokemon are happy and well-fed.

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@sachirin oh me and my daughter have our very own island. I got stung by wasps twice! I have no idea what I’m doing!

[Shield] Got my first gym badge! #newbieplayingpokemon 

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