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Thank you to so many people on and even for all the tips!
Now I have to do this all over again for my Diamond team, but for now I’m just so proud of myself!

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Hi! If I followed you recently, it means I read you on the birdsite and would like to continue reading you here on mastodon as well. Please don’t feel pressured to follow back, especially if content-wise, you don’t feel my posts belong on your timeline (you can verify this by scrolling through my feed). Thank you!

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Bringing back an old Birdsite game for each year, since Spotify Wrapped has come out for the year, give me a number and I'll share that song on the Top 100 playlist!

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okay i have UPDATED the museum!


3 new plush (2 bootleg, 1 custom)
~15 new cards

obviously i havent added the new plush coming out..........yet...........

To the person(s) who wiped out the entire shelf of this item before I could buy again and bring some home, may your teh be watery until the end of the year.

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Serebii Update: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Version 1.1.0 to go live tomorrow. Provides some bug fixes and adds Ranked Battle.

They also note they are listening to feedback seriously and will continue improvements

Known details @

Slowly getting settled back in. Here are the books I bought on my trip.

I really regret not picking up anything by local authors (I didn’t buy from the first bookstore, thinking the bigger one would have a better selection, but it turns out that one was too big for anyone to know where anything is/staff wasn’t particularly helpful/companions were in a hurry etc. Kindle it is then.

A Pokemon Center Singapore report 

Turns out I forgot to show my Switch so I just got a birthday card, not a birthday card AND a :flabebe: code 😂

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A Pokemon Center Singapore report 

Forgot to mention they had a promo where you’d get free gift wrapping paper (Sprigatito, Fuecoco or Quaxly) for every purchase of SGD60. And I barely made it in time for a birthday card with a free :flabebe: code! I also got a free Sprigatito sticker.

The personnel at the cashier had Naranja and Uva Academy tops on which was really cute! It was the Naranja guy who forgot to give us the free wrapping paper 😂

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A Pokemon Center Singapore report 

1) It’s just as the reviews say, it’s much smaller than the regular PokeCen but if you’re from SEA it’s convenient for getting stuff.

2) They should do something about the blank shelves right smack in front of the store though.

3) Only one Quaxly 1:1 plush left. And it looked like it was just for display too.

4) The husband was so sad the Blissey case couldn’t fit his phone.

5) Even with the items I bought I still racked up to SGDxxx but in the end that was okay because I did intend to use that amount. Not in picture: Quaxly and Fuecoco keychains for the husband and my brother-in-law (I wanted us to all have starter keychains)

6) Not my starter but Fuecoco was really my secret first choice and the plush looked so cute so I got it. And getting all 3 starters would’ve gone over budget 💀

S/V student NPCs, a theory 

By this time I think everybody who’s played this game has noticed how some of the students are obviously too old for school. (Not to be ageist or anything.) One of them even proudly says, “I’ve been in the Academy for 20 years!”

Is this Game Freak’s way of acknowledging their biggest, most vocal, most finicky player base - adults who’ve been playing Pokemon since they were kids? 😂 I can’t help but think of it that way and even though I should be insulted (as a non-kid playing a kid), I just find it completely hilarious.

MISSION. ACCOMPLISHED. cw for Paldean Pokemon 

So bouncy and jiggly 😭💕

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Trans rights are human rights.

Black lives matter.

No human is illegal.

Love is love.

Their body, their choice.

Science is real.

Kindness is everything.

P.S. If you started following me due to this post, PLEASE look at my profile and decide if it's for you.

Make sure general nerdiness, tabletop roleplay, and other related pursuits are the kind of content you want to see in your timeline.

Our values obviously align, but our interests/hobbies might not. No hard feelings if you unfollow. 😉

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Pokémon Scarlet & Pokémon Violet PSA:

1. If you have save-data for LGPE, SwSh, BDSP and PLA on your Switch, you can get a certain NPC in Mesagoza City to craft special Rotom Phone cases for you.

2. Don't forget to collect your special Flying Tera Type Pikachu via Mystery Gift. In order to access the Mystery Gift feature, open the 'X' menu and select Poké Portal.

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Friend-shaped, will find you no matter how deep in the snow you are, still good at detecting termal water spots, 11/10 best winter companion

Violet highlights so far (no actual spoilers, but still cw) 

• I've killed my ride maybe 5 times by now
• Ran into so many tiny things too
• One time I accidentally knocked out what was most probably a shiny
• I'll probably never qualify for a job at Subway
• My chronic inability to read maps properly sure gets me places

Also, my trainer spent the first few hours looking eerily like Haman Karn from Zeta Gundam before I finally managed to find a salon.

We scratched the steelbook while opening the package 💀 Anyway here we go

Hi! Please consider using CWs liberally for until maybe the end of the year? Some people on the instance won’t be able to play until the holidays, while some are just really slow players* so it would be great if we kept a safe space while spoilers abound elsewhere online. Thank you.

* me, because I am a

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Serebii Update: Special Pokémon icons parts can be obtained in the Nintendo Switch Online part of the Nintendo Switch app from now until December 26th with new sets coming every week

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poll, food 

Okay, Fediverse.

How do you like your orange juice?

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