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re: ongoing Pokemon games status report 

Gen 1: not done

Gen 2: not done

Gen 3: n/a

Gen 4: done

Gen 5: pre-gym 4

Gen 6: done in X + not done with Y

Gen 7: done

Gen 8: completing Pokedex in Isle of Armor/Crown Tundra + legendary catching

Gen 4v2: pre-gym 6

PLA: ⭐​ ⭐​ ⭐​ ⭐​, on main mission 8

New Snap: not done; must go back to complete the map

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More than anything, I miss bookstores.
I just really, really miss bookstores.

PLA progress report 

Very slow progress. 97 hours in, Pokedex at 184, just hit the 9 star rank, just got the last ride Pokemon. To my credit, and thanks to my overly cautious, stick-to-the-damn-walls-like-your-life-depends-on-it playing style, I've died exactly once but I've never lost any items.

Since last week I've been really working hard and putting in hours in like I'm pressed for time. I just want to finish the game already tbh 💀​ I still have to finish after this.

My current team is :chimecho::goodra::decidueye::luxray::ninetales::octillery:​ but I'll swap somebody out for :togekiss:​ soon.


※ 決してディスじゃないっすよ
※※ 本人は多分納得する。知らないけど

[SwSh] last bird caught yesterday, here’s the video 

Bonus video of another jerky bird from an earlier play

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[SwSh] last bird caught yesterday, here’s the video 

Finally. Get a load of this dumb bird.

Re: Stardew Valley on Switch, is there a way to scale up the whole game? Menus and everything? Everything looks so darn small. Also the game seems to assume I know the controls when I don’t (I literally keep sending everything to trash).

Today I am playing the “Is it COVID or something else completely?” game. (Please please let it be something else.)

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Asking for money. Boost, please.

My paypal account has been hacked. The customer service is very bad and slow. Need money to pay debt. Please help.

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Maybe you had the urge to see some Magic the Gathering cards run under a Snapchat filter? No? Well here they are anyway. 

The husband is responsible for all of these 😑

Good deed for the day: catching in for somebody on reddit who wanted to recreate their gen 1 team. (They wanted Pokemon specifically from a JP game for some reason.)

While it’s good that my VC Green trainer isn’t stuck in a building anymore, he has completely run out of money and balls and can’t get any more unless I continue the story, so my altruism ends here.

(Belatedly: this post was in reaction to the low res 13 second video of the two legendaries that looked like they were on a 3DS screen?! that appeared on the official Pokemon JP Youtube channel at the time they said they were dropping the vid)

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Lechon in my native language means roasted pig. But adding a k at the end makes it something else entirely - it becomes a name for the ages. The localization staff should be very proud of themselves.

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