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Beat today. I want to talk about gen 7, especially as a newbie player, but for now I’m just enjoying this feeling.

I feel like I can do anything now!

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Thank you to so many people on and even for all the tips!
Now I have to do this all over again for my Diamond team, but for now I’m just so proud of myself!

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Unusually for clothes from AliExpress, my t-shirt arrived larger than expected (i.e. the size L was Western L not Chinese L) but aside from that it is awesome. Team Scyther FTW.

Uniqlo GP 2019 shirt design contest winners are out:

The :unown:​ shirt is very clever!

Updated Best Friends list on mastodon!

@Love_kyorge 🆕​

I won't tag the next two in line, because I don't want to pressure anyone! Let's all relax and play at our own pace👋​

If you're looking for in-game friends/would like to receive gifts from SE Asia for whatever reason, feel free to message me~

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Community day once again; R. & me went to our usual park and played until almost dark. I caught about 110 lil birdies; five were shiny. Proportions seem about right.

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Can't make leafeon my permanent buddy cos on trying to get candy to evolve other Pokémon for research goals but I took a screenshot with leafeon and tried to find a suitable outfit to match the prettiness 😁💖🌸

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I beat Magikarp Jump last night!! I'm not done with the game, I still have plenty of stuff i can go after (more karp patterns, missing events, etc) but I've gotten through all the leagues now ♥️​​ :magikarp:

The park became a :hippopotas: nest (?) Thought it was strange how they visibly spawn as male and female sprites on the map, just like :wobbuffet: does

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Made a Trainer Card on Pokecharms!
Bug is my favourite type, but is frequently belittled. I think those people aren’t using their Pokémon’s abilities to their fullest.
This is my Pokémon Dream Team.
They’re all in my top 10 favourite Bugs, and I have coverage against every type except Normal with them.
As a great Trainer once said, “Truly skilled trainers should try to win with their favourites.” ☺️
Kricketot is my favourite Pokémon, but I’d rather have them as a Buddy to keep me company 😊

I finally saw a :rowlet: plush but I’m not sure about that face! If you were in my place, would you get it? Thoughts please!

Reminder for :torchic: day: make sure you save up enough candy to evolve your very own Dark Mawtwo.



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