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ongoing Pokemon games status report 

Gen 1: stuck in a building with no potions/repels/money looking for the MIA gym leader

Gen 2: all the Pokemon are in HOME, time to restart

Gen 3: n/a

Gen 4: done, just a Glameow source now

Gen 5: not even at the first gym yet and the DNS glitch team is OP

Gen 6: done in X + just tired in Y

Gen 7: done, raising the poor stats Turtwig to become a superstar

Gen 8: forever running away from the champion match

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With Diamond and Pearl on its way, which is the “best” mainline game available on the Switch today, for someone like me who has never watched the anime and played only Go ever?

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Any players out there that I can add as friends?

We achieved something during the random Deoxys raid we joined this afternoon! 👀✨ My trainer’s the one with the :sylveon: hoodie.

found in the Pokemon GO Anniversary Illustration 


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Finished the main story of Pokemon Snap today! 

I cried when they used my photos in the credits! Partly because they were bad photos 😂 I have a lot more exploring to do so I can’t put this game down yet.

This is the ultimate drawing resource 👀✨

It was priceless seeing the husband (Tekken player since Tekken 2, non-Smash fan) react to Kazuya on screen in the Nintendo Direct 😂​

I offloaded two otome games so this library isn’t complete, but this lineup! This Switch is becoming unmistakably mine. 🥳

Looking forward to getting more Switch imports from the Wholesome Direct, to my wishlisted games going on sale in the eShop, and to new announcements in the upcoming Nintendo Direct!

@Lugia I just saw this card and thought I’d bug you about it! I find the illustration mildly terrifying 😨


@Stumpy2517 @jigglydad Hello and welcome to the instance! It’s quiet here compared to Pokemon Twitter, but I hope you have a great time 😊

Actually we’re not sure if it’s really a cicada or not. But it’s definitely a bug who wants to chill somewhere for the night! We respect that.

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Every night there is a lone cicada that hangs out on our kitchen window. On the second night we sang it the only Jon Secada song we know, but it kept making a small short buzz, like it was sniffing. Tough audience! We’re trying cicada jokes tonight, if it comes back.

I think some of these Illumina Pokemon are really trying to kill me.

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