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ongoing Pokemon games status report 

Gen 1: stuck in a building with no potions/repels/money looking for the MIA gym leader

Gen 2: all the Pokemon are in HOME, time to restart

Gen 3: n/a

Gen 4: done, just a Glameow source now

Gen 5: not even at the first gym yet and the DNS glitch team is OP

Gen 6: done in X + just tired in Y

Gen 7: done, raising the poor stats Turtwig to become a superstar

Gen 8: forever running away from the champion match

Just ordered more, will see if I get more of the same or not 👀​ This retail therapy is getting out of hand.

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I bought a lot of gachapon this week, but because the store didn’t say what sort of series they’d be getting items from, it’s like a double gacha experiment! Or, this is how local stores try to stay alive in a pandemic / let go of their old, unmoving stock. It’s sad actually.


It's been weeks since we started trying to find a legit way to watch San-X's Chickip Dancers, but content is region locked on Amazon Prime JP, and we don't have access to NHK E TV 😭​

ACNH update reaction 

That was a LOT! There was a lot to take in and I can’t even think straight yet but YES to lighting fixtures and beams and counters, yes to the Happy Home Designer-based expansion (I played the heck out of that game), yes to new fencing and reactions and hello Kapp’n and Brewster, I kind of knew you’d be back but OMG Harriet and Katrina aaaah

The best thing about this huge update and expansion is they come out a day after my birthday 🥳

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Somebody here is super excited to go (no joke we really need to go to Fukushima)

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begpost, need money for food and power, pls boost 

hey yall the power company is going to start disconnecting power again next month and im all out of food again, i need about $250 to cover this so i dont starve and the lights stay on

anything helps!
cashapp: $digitalcreature

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👋 Heyy!

EN: Today I need your help in my transition to be able to pay for my surgery.
I did my best to explain everything on the page below.
Thanks in advance and don't hesitate to share this ✌️

FR: J'ai besoin aujourd'hui de votre aide dans ma transition pour pouvoir payer ma prochaine opération.
J'ai fait de mon mieux pour tout expliquer dans la page ci-dessous.
Merci d'avance et n'hésitez pas à partager cette page autour de vous ✌️

We watched this Pokemon movie last night on Netflix:

It was pretty good; he approved of the :chansey: cameo and I was very satisfied with the :cramorant: trying to eat everyone. Stay for the ✨ending credits✨

I forgot to log in my game while the :rowlet: :litten: :popplio: raids were still live 😭

Here’s what the alarm looks like! (cw: flashing screen, alert sounds) 

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Did you know that you can influence which photo is used for stops & gyms in ?

If you can see the POI nearby in-game, tap the arrow in the upper-right corner once (for stops) or twice (for gyms) and then tap the square in the bottom-right that says "n photo(s)". It will bring up a screen of all the photos in 's database and allow you to upvote the one(s) you like best.

You can also vote on the photos for gifts you send or open: when the gift occupies the whole screen (just before you'd otherwise tap "send" or "open"), tap the photo and then the bottom-right square to access the screen.

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I've won a medal from an international math competiton but i've not got my money reward from my university yet :(

I really need that money since I don't have any job right now after focusing studying math. Now I only have little amount of money and some debt. They said I need to wait for it until the end of the year.

So in this last few weeks I only eat less meal and do so much sleep to save some energy. I think I am in very bad situation right now and really need help.

Maybe $100 is enough to pay my debt and to live for a few days. Please help me.

My Paypal:

I am appreciating boosting.

ACNH content in the Direct 

Strangely got teary-eyed at the Brewster music but I’m technically still in ✨June✨ on my save so there’s really a lot of work for me to do tbh 😑

I got the hubby some :chansey: goods for his birthday ✨

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