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Thank you to so many people on and even for all the tips!
Now I have to do this all over again for my Diamond team, but for now I’m just so proud of myself!

Met @glorfindel yesterday! We went to three different Pokecen and tons of shops; it was a lot of fun, and B was very nice and patient. I wish them the best in everything!

This gen’s popular starter is definitely the fire type.

Two shops with life sized plushies and it’s just Grookey and Sobble on display. Also witnessed a little girl frantically looking through the starter plushies container for a Scorbunny, pushing the other two aside. I think I’d be more heartbroken if the container just had Grookey in it though, tbh.

Hello from these Galarian :weezing: in Pokemon Center Tohoku!

Made the mistake of going on a Sunday. Very big mistake! It was super crowded and very hot. But when I heard the Pokemon Center game theme I got teary eyed for some reason? (?!?!) Looking forward to seeing the Pokemon Centers in Tokyo!

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Hello fediverse!

Today, celebrates it’s opening’s two-year anniversary!


Thanks for everyone who used the instance and all of our fediverse friends for these last two years, off to a few more!

Does anyone know who the EX Raid boss is right now?

My most favorite Ghibli film (adaptation) will be turned into a live action movie! I'm not sure how to feel about this yet!

I love this instance because I actually have no idea what I'm talking about half the time and I haven't been called out for it yet. I'll say this again: thank you for being a casual player-friendly, newbie player-friendly instance,

/watches PokeDirect
All those National Dex yellers must feel mighty dumb right now.

*crawling in the desert, clutching at sand*
When...will I complete...the Kalos Pokedex... 💀​

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Hello donphan!! :donphan::masto_ball:

Some news for the instance!

First of all, I’ve made adjustements to the custom theme so it looks a lot better now!

Secondly, I’ve added new emoji!

- The long awaited Gen 8 Pokémon! Thanks @EeveeEuphoria! :yamper:

Unfortunately, some sprites such as :charizard_gigantamax:​ are too big to render correctly, as they’re directly from the games, there’s nothing we can do about that.

- But also, more stuff from Galar! :champion_cup:

Evil teams! :team_yell::macro_cosmos:
Gym logos! :ghost_gym:

All visible custom emojis also have been categorized so they’re easier to find.

@potd_bot hasn’t been updated yet, as the PokéAPI, the API it relies on, hasn’t added Gen 8 Pokémon yet. But as soon as it happens, Galar Pokémon will start being able to be Pokémon of the day. Stay tuned!

Thanks for using!

If there's anybody here who's gotten their hands on a 2020 Pika Pika Bag (a New Year Lucky Bag), I demand photos of your loot! :team_rainbow_rocket:

Happy new year,!
Sending you all my best wishes for 2020.

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Hello fediverse!

As you know, has every single Pokémon emoji (currently only up to Gen 7, but that’s gonna change in the future)

I actually had to write a script to process all of the sprites, and get images that would look nice and crisp (not blurry because they’re resized) as custom emojis.

That required some work on my part, and I’ve noticed many instances copied some or all of them. Even if they’re not my intellectual property, I would appreciate some recognition for the work I put into bringing them in the fedi.

If you’re an admin of an instance that uses them (check in your custom emojis if the ones you are using are using an identical image file as, can you please attribute me and somewhere on your instance for them? Thank you very much!

Happy holidays! Whether you celebrate it or not, I hope you have a great fun/relaxing time.

Also, the Wondertrade scene in is all kinds of amazing right now for some reason! I think I logged in while it's magic hour or something.

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