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re: ongoing Pokemon games status report 

Gen 1: not done

Gen 2: not done

Gen 3: n/a

Gen 4: done

Gen 5: pre-gym 4

Gen 6: done in X + not done with Y

Gen 7: done

Gen 8: completing Pokedex in Isle of Armor/Crown Tundra + legendary catching

Gen 4v2: pre-gym 6

PLA: ⭐​ ⭐​ ⭐​ ⭐​, on main mission 8

New Snap: not done; must go back to complete the map

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The one good thing, so far, to come out of reading “Crying in H Mart” is getting reunited with Maria Taylor’s music.

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Hey everyone!

We just created a #gofundme for my healthcare (colonoscopy + gastroscopy) and electricity bills.

We have to raise around 1000€.

You can read more about it on the GoFundMe link below.

Any help is appreciated, thank you. Please boost 🙏🏻

#mutualaid #transcrowdfund #crowdfund @mutualaid

@sachirin こんな年齢で転職は難しいだろうと思いますが日本で就職するにはどうすればいいんですか。/talking to myself

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@sachirin It’s over. We lost. We tried but we lost. My anger and grief this past 6 years will just continue for another 6 years, it’s nothing.

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I cast my vote today so I’ll go back to being a nervous wreck.

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New Grookey Pokémon plush coming to Build-A-Bear on 5/5 at 9 a.m. CST.

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Begpost, I need money ASAP, boosting is appreciated.

I really need money since I don't have any job right now after focusing studying and teaching math. Now I only have little amount of money and some debt. I just want to wait my payment for teaching math buat they still don't give me the payment.

So in this last few weeks I only eat less meal and do so much sleep to save some energy. I think I am in very bad situation right now and really need help.

Maybe $100 is enough to pay my debt and to live for a few days. Please help me.

My Paypal:

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In your eyes what are some of the most perfect ever released? What do you think when you hear the words "I wouldn't change a thing."? What do you really seek out when you want to play something.

For me, a game that immediately comes to mind is Ico. It's one of that games that I can go back to and just experience everything I felt the first time. The mystery, the puzzles, the loneliness of the castle, your focal point being Yorda.

The game is a true work of art. In the design of the world, the simplistic mechanics that time after time bolsters the story.

The fact our protagonist and Yorda can't talk to one another. They speak different languages and the game puts you fully immersed as the boy during cutscenes, you don't know what she says because he doesn't.

Everything is wonderful and its massive legacy on games today is obvious.

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I suppose I should write a self introduction. My name is Rachel Thorn. I'm a cultural anthropologist, and have studied manga & comics from the perspective of gender for more than 30 years. I helped create the Department of Comic Art at Kyoto Seika University in 2000, and taught in that program until last year, when I moved to the newly created Faculty of Global Culture. I have been translating manga into English for 32 years, and 5 of my translations have been nominated for Eisner Awards.

re: This will be an online window shopping thread. Feel free to mute. 

I don't have ANY of them and that needs to be rectified stat

Sanei Animal Crossing plushies

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re: This will be an online window shopping thread. Feel free to mute. 

The Takara Tomy Millefi Charm Shot
(There's also Sumikko Gurashi and Pokemon)

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This will be an online window shopping thread. Feel free to mute. 

Cute gachapon!

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Credit to LEGENDSLima for the graphic.

We’ve got the Mega Moment event live now worldwide! Good luck to those of you shiny hunting for Kangaskhan!

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If you want to join me in taking down Landorus today, make sure you bring your ice type Pokémon!

Thanks to GamePress for this graphic. I’ll have my Mega Abomasnow ready to go!

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If you could add a third type to a Pokémon to make a triple type, what Pokémon would you pick and what extra type would you give them?

Pro tip: If you’re in a Korean mart and you see this particular ice cream bar in the freezer, buy all of the stock. ALL OF IT. You won’t regret it.

P.S. If you’re lactose intolerant, Lactaid first.
P.P.S. Tootle can’t add ALT text?

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