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ongoing Pokemon games status report 

Gen 1: stuck in a building with no potions/repels/money looking for the MIA gym leader

Gen 2: all the Pokemon are in HOME, time to restart

Gen 3: n/a

Gen 4: done, just a Glameow source now

Gen 5: not even at the first gym yet and the DNS glitch team is OP

Gen 6: done in X + just tired in Y

Gen 7: done, raising the poor stats Turtwig to become a superstar

Gen 8: forever running away from the champion match

The local gamestore finally announced that they have the Animal Crossing x Sanrio amiibo packs for sale, but each pack is USD20 💀​ (2 cards per pack, series total of 6 cards)

I wanted these cards but I also need to eat 💀​

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@SunScales @Lugia Ever since they released the official trailer all I've been thinking about is how much I want to hug the Meganium 😭​💕​ Just a few more weeks to go, have you preordered this game already! I'm still waiting in vain for a physical preorder announcement here.

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Pokemon of the Day: Chandelure :chandelure:​ 

This Pokemon is also seen in Pokken!

A ghost and fire type pokemon! Ghost types are few in number, especially strong ones, Chandelure is definitely strong.

This pokemon is very crafty and dangerous! According to the Pokedex, this pokemon waves their flame arms to hypnotize people and pokemon, then hits them with their flames, which burns up the spirit, leaving their body behind! Beware!

This pokemon may not have a lot of speed, but their special attacks really pack a punch! Plus with will-o-wisp, physical attackers will lose their attack stat, making a turn using an attack boosting move a waste! There's a lot Chandelure can hit, and anyone getting hit definitely is taking a chunk of their health in damage.

Definitely give this pokemon a try in your team, you might be surprised!

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Pokemon of the Day: Donphan :donphan:​ 

This pokemon was teased in the beginning of the first Pokemon movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back". I didn't think this pokemon was good but boy am I wrong, kinda.

They roll around to get to places, and when attempting to impress a mate, they demonstrate their best Rollout move! Hey, there's a shiny one in the anime, go check it out!

While they do get elemental fang moves, those moves are weaker than the punches which sadly they don't get. But they back this up with really good attacking strength. They also have high defense and HP so they can take physical hits quite well.

Also one of the pokemon currently cut in the current gen, I think they'll make a return in the Sinnoh remakes.

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I’ve always wanted to try this game because it’s so cute! 🥰 But I’m such a noob that I almost died just five minutes in, if not for hubby giving me advice on something.


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Pokemon of the Day: Regice :regice:​ 

Hey! This cool golem can really dance! Go check out their 3D animations!

Anyways, this pokemon can apparently not melt in extreme heat, what kind of ice is it made of to do that?

This is the special defensive Regi of the original Regi trio, and has plenty of moves to hit pokemon super effectively. Though, watch out for physical attacks! But like with the other two Regis, they get outsped by a lot of pokemon.

Can they be useful in battle? Certainly! In the newer gens beyond gen 3, Trick Room exists which will give them the upper hand.

Gods, I love this dancing ice golem.

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Pokemon of the Day: Emolga :emolga:​ 

The Pikachu of Unova! With all the speed and some attacking power like one too! Which means their defenses aren't too great either... welp.

As an Electric/Flying type, the only way to make them weak to ground type moves is by using Gravity or Smack Down. Otherwise, flying type really keeps them from being scared of ground types (Even if they are bulky as heck...)

As for what they do, they can apparently stay afloat in the air using the static that they store in their cheek pouches. I think by resting from time to time they store again to move to another treetop. They seem to love berries a lot!

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Pokemon of the Day: :klink:​ 

Something about this pokemon makes me nervous, like, how does a pair of gears get so strong when it evolves? Why does it have such a decent moveset?

Apparently the humans developed the first machines from looking at this pokemon. Huh!

Shift Gear is a rather unique stat boosting move that is similar to Dragon Dance as it raises speed and attack. And with it's other unique move, Gear Grind, that's a powerful two-hit attack that miiiight miss.

I'm rather sad it has a real lack of learnable physical attacks, but has a few and honestly better special attacks.

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