For the folks in Europe: a Zarude promotion is coming up for sword/shield. Details on the Serebii homepage:

This was updated to have instructions for North America/Latin America/Australia players as well: just sign up for a Pokemon Trainer's Club account ( before Nov 20, and the code will be sent out in December through email (so long as you agree to receive promotion emails).

Presumably, people in other regions could do this too, since this is just a web-based thing?


@SunScales That’s really nice but I’m not holding my breath over here (we’re skipped for a lot of things, because ✨Asia✨ is just basically East Asia for TPC/Nintendo 😆)

@sachirin aww noo! I hear similar stuff from some friends in Canada who get missed for the "North America" promos a lot.

The way they're handling Zarude's release seems kind of weird in general so far, so part of me is skeptical of it all anyway, haha. But it's probably just because of 2020 😅​

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