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zeraora and lucario are the new pokemon power couple

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@Kat :bulbasaur:​ be both powerful and adorable whenever possible

@calm If you go to vimmslair, they have both a good ds emulator and both hg and ss roms, so that's a way to do it

@calm woah! that's a lot of turtle. My little brother deleted my soulsilver save years ago and I'm still salty about it tbh. I'm playing it on an emulator now and it's going p good ^-^

@calm yeah! I like bulbasaur out of the Kanto starters, but cyndaquil has a very special place in my heart. My first pokemon!

@calm πŸ˜Šβ€‹ thank you! have a cute pokemon, on the house :bulbasaur:​

@EeveeEuphoria this is both really sweet and... nothing, honestly, this sounds like a great plan

@calm yes, im home in my room and doing much better for it

@calm especially when it is Very Hot and the AC on the bus is off

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Food, maybe? Also vaguely entertaining. 

Some writing advice I got from a guest in my English class that Actually Helps

Don't write about stuff everyone's experienced. That's boring. Write about whatever, and write it with passion. Write to fuck people up.

hot take: a public bus full of high schoolers is a special brand of hell.

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selfie, no eye contact, wooden sword 

it is very hot and I am not happy about it

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I have decided to opt out of physics

*clips straight through the floor like an absolute villain*

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