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Mimikyu had a great time! Shadow hands are great for sparklers!! So many trainers noticed me!

They were mostly running away, though,,,

Mimikyu wants to go to the beach, but doesn't want their disguise to get dirty with sand and salty and damp in the water!!

switch posting 

a big one and a little one

Mimikyu!! using their ghost hand to write down new year's resolutions

Mimikyu wants to pop fireworks for New Year, but afraid their disguise will catch fire!!

Mimikyu! hops around, trying to get the decorative bow off that was put on its head

Mimikyu hopes you get all the things you want, or at least that you get through the night ok. 💜

hops over to you, trying to balance a bow on its head Mimikyu!!

Mimikyu mimikyu mimikyu mimikyu mimikyu mimikyu mimikyu

fuckin dunks a Pikachu into a trash can with their shadow hand

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Haven't posted on here in a bit, but I'm still Mimikyu! 💜

Mimikyu says "Don't fuck with me, I have the power of God AND anime on my side!" except it's just a bunch of "Mimi-mimikyu! mimkyu!!" noises.

Hoping a trainer catches me in a premier ball because I'm super special!!

i guess neither of us actually posted it full size so here is the thing that @Zylex surprise-drew for me incredibly quickly while we were all doing that pokémon thing yesterday 💙 💚

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