original halo doodle; not pictured: his tripp shorts and spiked crocs

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tried my usual #krita workflow in lab color as opposed to cmyk or rgb. the result was interesting imo 🤔

#fanart #vocaloid #mastoart #art

@shade This is the Italian poster for Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Meyers, and uh, boy do I wish the movie was as cool as this poster, it's probably the lowest point of the franchise, and did so badly (critically and at the BO) that they rebooted the franchise after 17 years (this was not the last reboot tho, lmao)

CW: nudity, knife, spooky Michael Meyers mask, body horror kinda?

i finished some art for a trade that i'm excited to share but i have to wait and see if they like it first

hi everyone, i am open for commissions! :ACNH_Flourish:

i am available for painted avatars ($25) and painted illustrations with a simple background ($75+)... and everything in between!

you can check out my portfolio for more examples of my work, and contact me via commissio, email, or dm if you are interested 🖤


$ help 🐀 

It’s been hard recently. I’m doing my best to find another job, just no leads yet. I didn’t even have enough for lunch before work yesterday, card declined. I have upcoming bills to pay for, and I could still really use the help. I’m sorry I ask so much. I don’t want to, but I need to. Thanks for helping out as much as you have, Fedi and Friends.💚🐀


kofi in bio

A small crop of this months wallpaper up on my patreon. if you like my comics and illustrations or just cats and mechs specifically this is a great way to support my ongoing stuff. patreon.com/timecowboy

i do wish there was an option to post to the local timeline without posting to global, i feel better posting to a smaller amount of eyes i think

i'm actually going to make my umbreon sona the mascot of this account i think, i just. haven't finished him yet

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