stickers!!! selling these for $3 each, and they'll come with a doodle of a pokemon of your choosing! dm me if you're interested >:3c
(advertising these here is okay right OTL i feel weird about it)

#art #mastoart #pokemon #bulbasaur

basic & final stages of a fire starter?? idk i'm not totally happy with it yet but! workin on it

#pokemon #fakemon #art #mastoart

just joined this instance, introducin myself 

sssup... i'm adam / and i love pokemon games :'D

i mostly joined this instance bc i've always wanted to do a daily-pokemon-art thing hehe

i care more about design/lore than in-game ability when it comes to favorite pokemon :'v my favs are tenatively listed here:
i also have some pokemon ocs here i'll draw sometimes:

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