I've forgotten how difficult the early game is in gen 1 and gen 2 games.

@sprocket I've never thought early game in Gen1 or Gen2 was that hard :/ Except maybe needing a HM Slave for Flash

@Mystica it has to do with the need to heavily grind, lack of super effective/STAB moves for your starter until around level 13, and a mismatch of available wild mins versus early gym leaders.

Ie Charmander is rough versus Brock in Red/Blue, and Chikorita is dead weight versus Falkner (and just rough without a Geodude)

The remakes help with this at least.

That's fair, never really looked at it like that. I always ran off for a Mankey when I started with Charmander and went on a geodude hunt for Falkner. Though it's rare I use anything other than Bulbasaur or Cyndaquil in runs :D

@Mystica in HGSS, Totodile is very OP. Access to Ice Fang, Waterfall/Surf, Crunch means you can rip through most of the game with ease.

@sprocket I always go fishing for Chinchou for my watery needs ^_^ I tend to stick by my favourites when I can and honestly, I think it's kinda killed off my appreciation and enjoyment of the newer games. Trying a thing at the moment to beat a generation with only that generations pokemon as a casual play

@sprocket Yeah, the difficulty of the first games was ridiculous in some situations

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