@SunScales You cannot move VC Pokemon to Gen 6, they can only move to Gen 7.

Woohoo, finally got my VC version of Gold set up for ACE.

@SunScales for the win.

Technically you aren't even legally allowed to use Twitter in the US if you are under 13 unless you have written parental consent.

Can't speak for other countries, but I imagine the age restriction is similar.

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Covid19, schools 

Me and my wife are NOT prepared to keep him focused on his education at home while he is doing online school, not when I also work full time and we have a toddler that also needs our undivided attention.

At least me and my wife have the luxury of only needing one income, and no day care.

I can only imagine how bad it is for other parents right now.

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@Mystica in HGSS, Totodile is very OP. Access to Ice Fang, Waterfall/Surf, Crunch means you can rip through most of the game with ease.

@Mystica it has to do with the need to heavily grind, lack of super effective/STAB moves for your starter until around level 13, and a mismatch of available wild mins versus early gym leaders.

Ie Charmander is rough versus Brock in Red/Blue, and Chikorita is dead weight versus Falkner (and just rough without a Geodude)

The remakes help with this at least.

I've forgotten how difficult the early game is in gen 1 and gen 2 games.

Long time Pokemon player, been playing since Red/Blue launched in the US. Used to play competitive VGC but retired a few years ago.


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