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Hello! I'm vaporeon! :vaporeon:
You can call me either vaporeon or setavulos, my main account is @setavulos

Here's a lil to get to know me! My favorite things in pokemon:

Main Series - Ruby
Spinoffs - My Pokemon Ranch / Battle Trozei
Region - Hoenn
Town - Lavaridge Town
Type - Water
Pokemon -
Gen I :vaporeon:
Gen II :celebi:
Gen III :spinda:
Gen IV :combee:
Gen V :trubbish:
Gen VI :dedenne:
Gen VII :solgaleo:

the xy wonder trade song just came up in a mix and it's really good

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what's your favorite song from pokemon?

i don't have a switch and i'm waiting for acnh but i really want to play pokemon swsh

all of the leaks really surprise me but also, it's nothing new. i remember in previous generations japan would come out first and we would get info before release that way

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if there are genderless pokemon you should have the option to be a genderless trainer too

imagine having a kigu of your favorite pokemon

any pokemon at all

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i have a working pokeball model with button latch and everything all sliced up and ready to print once i have more white filament

i'm planning on maybe giving that away during a tournament at work if we ever do that

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tomorrow i think i'm gonna print out a pokemon quest pokeball and then paint my vaporeon and then paint the pokeball to be a dive ball and put the vaporeon in the dive ball

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i keep forgetting to paint my 3d printed pokemon quest vaporeon and i am personally offended by myself

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