pokemon masters 

expected cynthia
got lance

pls some1 tell me what happened at that pokemon direct, im lost

No shinies at today's event but I managed to finish it.

Pokemon go complaint 

Few things bother me as living at south hemisphere and see SNOW on pokemon go loading screen

Since today is the last day to get :whimsicott: on pokemon masters, i just paid to get it. Since I was lucky enough to get on 3rd try, I have some 💎 I might use on Cynthia's :kommo_o:

And finally on pokemon go my buddy (which also happens to be a :whimsicott: ) became best buddy

Pokemon masters 

Struggling to defeat the full force battle of baking event

Pokémon masters 

Expected a :whimsicott: , got a :zebstrika:

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Pokémon masters 

Spent most of my 💎 and no sight of :whimsicott:

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@Mangomei they increased the spawn rate a quite time ago, and now it's jotho party

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