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im still level 31, i dont think i'll be 40 before the end of the year

Pokémon Go: "now we're getting gen6!"
:kecleon: : "am i a joke to you?"

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Pokesona lol his name is just Lugia and he cosplays (or at least tries to)

also any pronouns are fine they don’t really care

Lugia friend :-)

i still think 6h of cd is too much, after 1h i got three shinies and a 96% :electabuzz:

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why have one 100% zygarde when you could have 10 10% zygardes. a whole pack of zoggys!!!

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gf has played it for me and i need only one excellent ball now

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"win 10 raids" niantic we are on a pandemics how am i supposed to do that

"make 9 nice throws in a row" ok thats impossible niantic

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