hot take: a public bus full of high schoolers is a special brand of hell.

@calm especially when it is Very Hot and the AC on the bus is off

@calm yes, im home in my room and doing much better for it

@calm ๐Ÿ˜Šโ€‹ thank you! have a cute pokemon, on the house :bulbasaur:โ€‹

@seventy ngl I always picked squirtle as a kid but my second choice would always be bulbasaur

cute lil mini dino that grows up to be a floral chonker

@calm yeah! I like bulbasaur out of the Kanto starters, but cyndaquil has a very special place in my heart. My first pokemon!

@seventy i dunno why I picked the turtl but he resonated with me

and then I deleted my save for a very stupid reason and got a female squirtle, levelled her up to almost Lv. 80 now

@calm woah! that's a lot of turtle. My little brother deleted my soulsilver save years ago and I'm still salty about it tbh. I'm playing it on an emulator now and it's going p good ^-^

@seventy as someone who deleted his own 70 hour save over braille, at least u didn't have it as bad as me

also played emerald to the end on my phone and i absolutely adored it

I really want to play HeartGold - and I could play it on my 3DS, but I need to find a copy ;;

or somehow hack my 3DS but im too dum

@calm If you go to vimmslair, they have both a good ds emulator and both hg and ss roms, so that's a way to do it


@calm yay! that sounds like a good plan to me

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