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every elon musk tweet is like “mayhaps why do hot dog buns come in packs of 8, yet heretofore hot dogs come in 10 perchance? 🤣🤣 2 many weener!” and then one trillion weirdos in the replies say this is incredible. thank you sir. will you please fund my divorce

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crypto users often use the phrase "keep building", but I had no idea what they're building. crypto doesn't produce anything. took a while to realize they're talking about shoveling cash into speculative investments and telling others to follow. they are building a pyramid.

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📺 Roppongi Class (TV Asahi)
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📺 Old Rookie (TBS)
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📺 Unicorn ni Notte (TBS)
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📺 Mahou no Rinobe (Fuji TV)
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“Do you work well under pressure?” Needs the response “is this job one that regularly engages actual emergencies (e.g. an ER, a fire department) or do you fabricate urgency through poor management, uneven distribution of duties and an inflated sense of self for upper management?”

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ついに本日より 新作「あたらしい部屋編」が #クロス新宿ビジョン にて放映開始❣️15分おきの放映です🕰

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This is what the plan for Amsterdam looked like last time Americans tried to "help" other countries with their transportation infrastructure. twitter.com/USDOT/status/15414

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Woman caught writing fake Chinese, Russian history on Chinese Wikipedia for over a decade


Central banks look to China’s renminbi to diversify foreign currency reserves


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Dyslexia-friendly fonts are now available to PC players across English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazilian and Polish languages:


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"Western economies depend on a massive net appropriation of resources from the global South. This is a travesty of justice. But it is also a point of leverage. At any moment, the South could cut off this flow of wealth. It is within their power to do so." aljazeera.com/opinions/2022/6/

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