Has anybody scanned all the cards and booklet for Pokemon Jr? Because last I checked that was rare and expensive nowadays. Might need to check if it's gone down in price...
Still, scans would be great or trying to play it digitally.

Fuck, one of my favorite pokemon youtubers, Pimpnite, used one of the t slurs in the title of a video. God damn it. I was hoping he was better than that.

Nintendo of America: For this fire bird, let's call it Moltres. Molt as in molten lava and birds molting feathers. Tres because it's the last of three legendary birds. The names of the three form a pattern of "uno dos tres", making a bilingual joke that's easy to understand.


I feel really bad that I couldn't bring myself to complete any of the 3DS pokemon games. Because I can clearly tell that the games are better than than ever, and they've only been getting progressively better as time goes on. But it just seems like I've grown tired of Pokemon and long rpgs. The problem is with me, not the games. And I hate that.

Everybody kept acting like I was crazy whenever I've said Murkrow and Honchkrow are supposed to be a witch/wizard instead of a mobster like everybody says they are. I TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU! I WAS RIGHT!! The beta proves it.

Look, I'm not saying Oak is a fraud. (Okay, actually I am.) But I'm just saying you wouldn't get anything out of his lectures.

Palossand seems really interesting to use in theory because of THREE immunities, but sadly it doesn't work like the wall it should be.

Look, I'm not saying Oak is a fraud. (Okay, actually I am.) But I'm just saying you wouldn't get anything out of his lectures.

So while I realize that Gen 4 is paced terribly, and thus I get why people hate it so much... it's still maybe my favorite, even though I started with Pokemon Red. Diamond and Pearl brought in important new additions: physical/special split for moves and on-line trading/battling. Wireless made local multiplayer even easier. The day/night cycle was back from Gold/Silver. And we got a lot of new people and a lot of evolutions for older pokemon.

If you could/had to be be part of one Team in pokemon, which would it be?

And why did you choose Team Skull?💀​

Vespiquen is straight up one of my favorite pokemon ever, might be my favorite. So of course I'm atached to Combee too. But I still associate it primarily withwork and as a pain in the BEE-hind, which I guess is appropriate for a worker bee. Because first you gotta find a rare female, and make sure she doesn't have a garbage nature like, say, Rash. But also Combee is super weak so leveling her up can be hard. But they're still cuties and Vespiquen is WORTH IT at least for me.

I wonder if Garbodor would still be the most hated pokemon if people realized it is supposed to be a parody of Totoro.

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