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Hee-Ho, you can call me Danee.

ASD-diagnosee, Technical Product Designer by trade, occasionally plays vidya games for YouTube, does Logo-mock-ups at times, No. 1618 Elma Jōī faithful.

There might be some facial-fair after a week or two, but otherwise it’s 100% accurate.


How much do you really look like your profile photo? Be honest.


Today on Kafei Raihan’s Eorzea adventures:

Kafei climbed a tower, fought against an emperor and a literal dark cloud and had 23 allies—including—at his side to back him up (quite literally, cuz he died a lot).

It’s been what feels like 3000 years, but the German edition of Pokémon Adventures is finally on current!

well, Henry and Marvin prolly more so. Casey’s compromising a bit here.

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Henry, Casey and Marvin here may, or may not, be dressed for the current weather.

“why is my precious rocket ship drifting off into deep space?”

– quote of the day (probably)

Met the red ranger. And his superior, who likes to rehearse his speeches in front of a mirror. And channelled his inner Star Allies to save the day.

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Today on Kafei’s FFXIV adventure:

Got to another place. Disguised himself. Infiltrated the airship… I mean fortress (cont.)

Final Fantasy XI is celebrating its 20th birthday.

Feels like it was just yesterday that reviewed Seekers of Adoulin, and now that expansion is almost as far removed from us as the initial release is from it.

Please consider contributing to my friend Phoebe’s fund for her gender confirmation surgeries.

Pumpkaboo’s signature move.
Every other language: HALLOWEEN! (the actual day)

English: TRICK-OR-TREAT! (the activity done on Halloween)

Yoshitoh Asari illustrated the Cover art for KiKi KaiKai 2 (Pocky & Rocky) and has returned to do likewise for KiKi KaiKai 5 (Pocky & Rocky Reshrined).

Today on Kafei’s Eorzea adventures:
Friends got kidnapped/killed. Went to the cold. Almost slew another demigod, before it summoned the two other demigods I already slew.

completed Haukke manor with other players again and this time I was awarded MVP. guess my mediocre tanking can pay off some times.

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