The Protests in Portland have successfully demoralized the Police into quitting their jobs 😂

One of the big ideas I have floating in my head is having trainers doing battle alongside their animal companions. Using a CTB system, and in a 4 vs 4 format with 1 trainer, 3 companions on the field, and 3 companions on reserve. This would make support skills much more important.

Since my headmate is messing around with RPGMaker MV, I have been wondering just how possible would it be to recreate pokemon gameplay elements in the engine, but also use it to create something more original.

I do think that with the way Nintendo had been towards fangames and fanworks in general, it would be a lot wiser to make competing works rather than derivative works.

Do I love Pokemon still? That's a silly question, I do, I always have and there's no question about it. I just hate the corporate environment surrounding the franchise.

Hello Donphan, it's been a while since I have fronted. Just popping in to see how everyone is doing.

I kind of want to front more tomorrow. I am genuinely enjoying myself.

Aggressive political shitposting 

Racist Lives (are fecal) Matter

Throw racists into mulchers and turn them into fertilizer.

Playing with the idea of maybe having coloured sclera maybe? idk,,

socializing, joke 

i am hereby revoking all the hot fursonas of furries who don't respect trans people and redistributing them to good sweet furries

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I am glad to have cleared out my Firefox tabs. A lot of the soundware deals pages had been sitting there collecting dust.

Co-incidentally, it's pretty hard to resist the temptation to splurge on a good sample library. Val decided against my better judgement to get Continuo 2 early, god dammit.

Oh well, at least it sounds nice. Worth the $39 I spent.

Hello, I am fronting for a bit before we head to bed. How is everyone? Did i miss anything big?

Malagasy proverb:

Miarahaba mamba, tsy fitiavana fa tahotra.

(“Greeting a crocodile: not love, but fear.”)

How to tell someone, politely but obviously, that you’re being civil with them because they can hurt you, not because you have any love or respect for them.

Sexuality and the bi/pan lesbian "debate" 

Lots of gatekeepers out on twitter today unpersonning bi/pan lesbians, and it makes no sense to me.

Like, being pan is already a big spectrum/umbrella identity anyways, and with how much of a fluid spectrum gender is, it's hard to justify lesbianism to be just one thing when there's so many ways to be femme, have femme traits and have attraction to femme folks, or folks with femme traits.

If you self-identify as a pan lesbian, you are indeed very valid, regardless of if you mean that you're attracted to femininity in all people, or simply lean more on the sapphic side of the pan spectrum, or anything else.

Don't let the gatekeepers run the narrative. You don't need their permission to exist.

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