selfies, suggestive cleavage, devil shit 🔁✅ 

@rezzish got me some devil horns and a tail so now i can truly be the hot goth devil gf we all know i am

The Rights to Repair bill failed in Colorado. If you look at the 11 pages, it's easy to understand why: too broad, touching too many industries, and making the manufacturer liable for unauthorized repairs(!?). It's like they designed it to fail. Oh, and never touch medical devices, it's a regulatory minefield. #rightstorepair

She had a previous company 

Called Joany. It went tits up and they laid off 70 people after squandering the $25 million they raised on things like "absurd chairs, murals in the office painted by the spouses of leadership, trips to Cabo, a bloated headcount, nepotistic hires"

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This one might actually make you too mad. 

Because I'm grinding my teeth to stumps

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A CEO gives away the game in a series of tweets 

I love when people tell me CEOs have to make the salaries they do so we can attract top talent... Who then turns around and farms out what limited "boss work" there is to do to others

new love languages just dropped: Neurodivergent edition

*setting up your SO to comfortably info dump about something that excites them
*doing tasks for your SO that has sensory/ tactile squick for them
*being loud and obnoxious so that people gawk at you, not them if they have to stim/ tic
*taking over for talking/ social interaction when they start to shut down without making it obvious

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violence @ transphobes, idfk 

everytime you close a door on a transphobes head, god opens a window and drops it on a transphobes head. it's a good deal.

Furrt Art | EC 

Redesigned sketch of my 'sona. A fomorian demon disguised as a hyena squirrel.

Government assassination of Reinoehl 

So Reinoehl apparently had a gun, it was inside his front right pocket and they could not find the bullet they said he shot. Sounds like an extrajudicial assassination to me

Furrt Art | EC 

Redesigned sketch of my 'sona. A fomorian demon disguised as a hyena squirrel.

pdxpol / cops + 

liberals: all of you anarchists protesting will never abolish the police

the police: 😭 the community doesn't like me and the anarchists call me mean names. I quit

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fedi meta, anime 

Serial Experiments Lain was far too good an animation to be ruined by dipshits buying up Lain domain names for crappy instances

shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

Plural discourse 

Hmm, okay I think I realized something. I have a lower pain tolerance compared to the other two, and I have at least slightly better dexterity.

Bass practice went smoother than expected.

Audio Hazard 

Testing with Mishby and RC48, Piano tone from the XV-5050 PR-E: Contemplate

I am pretty impressed with MISHBY's sound-mangling capabilities. I used an effects send track to control the blend of the effect, and then sent it through the RC-48 reverb unit.

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