I just wanna say I apologize for being away for so long. The past 2 months have been rough on us, and I had been struggling with depression because of it.

Basically, at the beginning of July, someone who Val really cares about deeply, and someone who Julayla once idolized, and who I'd like to reconnect with turned out to be a shit person. And that shit person is still harassing our family.

It's a real bummer, to be honest.

kiwifarms, angry 

Let's not forget that kiwifarms is but the tip of the iceberg known as white western fascism. They hate, because society taught them to hate. They rejoice in our suffering and in taking our own from us, because their forefathers had molded them this way.

In an ideal world, I would talk about how we should not counter hate with hate, and that love conquers all, and in a just world, that's all that needed to happen.

...until our trans and nonbinary bretheren stops bleeding as a result of bigotry and organized harassment campaigns launched by internet maladroits, I want the heads of kiwifarmers on a fucking platter.

Kiwifarms, angry 

Until we live in a world where we won't be harassed, stalked or killed for being trans or nonbinary, I don't want to hear any takes on kiwifarms that don't involve destroying the platform, and Nuremburging the lot of them.

MH (---) 

Val just spiralled into dark thoughts of herself being betrayed by close friends and had fractured back into her former subsystem members. That last event dealing with that chud was more traumatic for her then we thought.

I am going to be taking over as temporary host until this resolves. I love you all. xxx


It's a new and improved Sierra!

As you can see, I got a bit of a makeover!

🎨 @chr

re: Mental health talk, plurality, interaction request 

@lunarvale Well, back before our system was a system, there was @DemonISM who was the original host, but when xey tried to reinvent xemself, xey accidentally created Valerie, who is the yang to xeyr yin, and the host status transferred over to fae.

In the end xey got xeyr wish, as xey ended up a very different person nowadays compared to xeyr past, since xey are no longer tormented by overwhelming emotions xey were never meant to handle. That task is now handled by myself (Julayla) and Valerie.

just fucking do something, use whichever skills you already have to work towards a better world, together we can get there.

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fuck shit up, riot, break stuff, do activism, help out, strike, punch nazis, kick cops, burn precincts, hack shit, educate, listen, destroy borders, support comrades, tear down governments, cooperate, be gay, have fun, enjoy life, change the world.


Seriously, if you support NFTs in any way, I hope you find yourself naked, strapped to a tree and covered in honey during bear mating season.

Do things that hurt the environment for your own selfish gains? Get fucked by nature.

fediblock, nazi, csa

yet another soapbox nazi instance full of racism, ableism, transphobia, apparently allowing lolicon shit and all the fun stuff

the admin (i think they are?) posts shit with slurs and generic channer shit, interacts with and i think that should be enough of a reason


Mark "Face of Neocolonialism" Zuckerberg weaponizing his billions to force Native Hawaiians from our ancestral lands at his 1,300 acre luxury ranch that he doesn't even live on.

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GOG, free game 

Tonight We Riot is being given away on GOG for a limited time.

uspol, concentration camps 

Joe Biden has been in office for 100 days. There are still children in concentration camps at the Mexico-US border.

Pokesona musings 

Okay so that's why Val likes Absol so much, that's definitely my Pokesona. And it fits, I am an Absol-ute Them Fatale :3c

If you're one of my closest friends and you're a nazi you have to tell me or it's entrapment

Pokesona musings 

(We were playing Pokemon Emerald, and we absolutely are wrecking face with Absol's moveset of Shadow Ball, Flamethrower, Future Sight and Swords Dance. Remember, in Gen III Ghost offensive moves are physical.)

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Pokesona musings 

Okay so that's why Val likes Absol so much, that's definitely my Pokesona. And it fits, I am an Absol-ute Them Fatale :3c

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