Featureless nudity, eye contact 

This is by @larr_u@twitter.com

What can I say about this other than that it makes me feel absolutely divine? Look at me. Take me in.

@cadadr yes totally. In the Netherlands we decided to give Ukrainians a work permit right away, and the news is bringing it as: Hey all, we're getting some extra workers. They're showing companies that need extra hands, and emphasizing that Ukrainians are hard working.

We could have done the same thing with Syrians a few years ago. Or with any refugees.

Update Firefox and Thunderbird NOW. There's an emergency update ready to fix an exploit that's already actively used:
Click on Help --> About Firefox --> Check for Updates

Anyone have general resources on leaving domestic abuse situations that are up to date and relevant during the pandemic? (I'm in the US, but international links welcome.)

Particularly for LGBT+, poly, kinky, or otherwise not cisheteronormative survivors.

TL/NR is the main one I know of but don't know how up-to-date/staffed they are now. tnlr.org/en/

(boosts welcome!)

I want to make one point clear because somehow, in a post-Trump era, many leftist/libertarian people don’t get this

many right-wing people tie up their identities to the nation-state they live under

their lives ARE their country

and they don’t care about forcing that identity onto others – in fact rejecting them is seen as an attack and treason

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Very lewd art, furry, EC, nudity 

Your favourite resident fomorian bunny demon. :3c

half naked tiger 

she has just gotten a little more ripped over the years

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tiger with her tit out and smoking 

checking if i still like her colours (i do)

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So I spent the first 4 hours after waking up today just vibing, and then fapping pretty intensely twice. I don't know where this horny came from, but I like it.

Imagined myself clad in leather and piercings and chains, while my partner is riding my dick kind of like a lewd spooning.

The second time, I imagined myself in the same outfit but attached to a "milking" machine.

texas anti-trans "law", real fucking bad 

Texas has already started investigating parents of trans kids for "child abuse." A state employee was put on leave. Investigators were sent to her house to interview her and her kid separately and are seeking access to the kid's medical records. Their sole allegation is that the parents let their kid have puberty blockers / HRT.

Abbott etc are not "posturing," they're going after real people and real kids

here's their lawsuit: aclu.org/legal-document/doe-v-

Self-Discovery things, selfie ec 

Been doing some self-reflection and I realized that I like the name Ashlynn for myself. Gonna be using it alongside my other names. Also been pinpointing my gender as librafemme abyssal voidgender.

Finally, have been experimenting with more extensive makeup, and it had been making me feel strangely validated.


I just wanna say I apologize for being away for so long. The past 2 months have been rough on us, and I had been struggling with depression because of it.

Basically, at the beginning of July, someone who Val really cares about deeply, and someone who Julayla once idolized, and who I'd like to reconnect with turned out to be a shit person. And that shit person is still harassing our family.

It's a real bummer, to be honest.

kiwifarms, angry 

Let's not forget that kiwifarms is but the tip of the iceberg known as white western fascism. They hate, because society taught them to hate. They rejoice in our suffering and in taking our own from us, because their forefathers had molded them this way.

In an ideal world, I would talk about how we should not counter hate with hate, and that love conquers all, and in a just world, that's all that needed to happen.

...until our trans and nonbinary bretheren stops bleeding as a result of bigotry and organized harassment campaigns launched by internet maladroits, I want the heads of kiwifarmers on a fucking platter.

Kiwifarms, angry 

Until we live in a world where we won't be harassed, stalked or killed for being trans or nonbinary, I don't want to hear any takes on kiwifarms that don't involve destroying the platform, and Nuremburging the lot of them.

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