Kinda disappointed, saw FF XI was on sale but that too requires a monthly fee.

What if I just wish to get into an MMO casually? (IE: no monthly fee so I dont feel obligated to "get my money's worth")

Fan translations have come a long way since I last checked, but I picked up a neat little GBA RPG called Tomato Adventure. I have been enjoying it so far.

Turns out it's made by the devs that would later go on to develop Mario and Luigi and I feel the DNA.

Did not expect the newest episode of Digimon to open with a real ass man

That was fun, but def out of practice. My arm hurts a tiny bit from drawing

I woke up with a decent number of sleep hours and yet I remain tired.

What devilry is this?!

Had a lot of fun. I struggle naming characters, but think we had some winners tonight.

For those who want the mystery on the last one spoiled... 

It'll most likely be the fan translation of the PS1 Medabots

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Been one hell of a week. Thinking I'll actually do a stream this evening but unable to decide what.

So I spent all evening playing Astro bot ( the PS5 pack in game) and it was absolutely a fantastic experience and I can't believe they just gave it with the console.

It was cute, charming, and knew just how to dial into the legacy of the PlayStation.

In other news Sony let me buy a PS5. Time to start rebuilding the savings

Seeing a bunch of new faces here, hello out there

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