So Ribbit King is tons of fun but the post game gets kind of stupid difficult. Not sure if I will stream the rest.

Why yes, I sure did pay $4.99 to get back into my childhood AOL account as a desperate bid to recover an ancient Neopets account

Thinking about making a mistake like joining the SMT: Imagine private servers

Still thinking about yesterday's Smash reveal and I just gotta say:

People who didn't ask for the pick fall into one of two camps...

1) Happy for those who are happy
2) Revealing themselves to be the absolutely most joyless people

I forgot about Ribbit King! How could I forget about Frolf‽

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Finally getting over this sinus infection! Dunno when I am going to stream again but it's definitely going to be a much more casual affair.

Need to expand my list of comfort games, because the short list is really just: Kirby's Air Ride and the Katamari series

AND Whenever I got the energy for it, I got my gen 4 save backed up to stream.

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I was going to stream tonight but ended up fighting this massive sinus headache. Instead I am resting and pet cat

Joined a draft league with my old group and won my first battle today. I think I still remember how to do this here Pokemon battling thing. Even if we all picked some very scary things.

None of you understand, there have been so many fake Direct announcements. I didn't believe it until I looked up Nintendo's official social media. Even then I still didn't quite believe it.

My legs are absolutely maxed out, send help and another heating pad

Took the day off work, drove friends off to the airport for their move, took a huge nap.

I am so incredibly tired, please I just wanna make the most of my day off

26/27 Ribbons! One more and I can be free of Gen 3!

Work didn't burn me out so I think I feel good enough to stream some Pokemon Emerald

Oh right, we make our picks for a Pokemon draft league today. I'm very tired so I sure hope I don't muck it up

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