Had a fun little vacation over the holiday weekend. Shiny hunting already yielding better results than previous games

Growing increasingly rabid for tomorrow. Got my SV preorder at GameStop and they left me a voicemail a 9:00pm release is on!

Absolutely got influenced by TikTok and bought this thing. It works well enough but gonna run it through Gundam or something to really see what it can do

Boy am I tired with only 5 hours of sleep and a hair appointment at 2.

However I am now Water Royal rank in Splatoon so really who's winning out here?

I just can't say.

Pokemon in just a week away and I just gotta know if someone has a neat little discord or web space to hang out for exploration/battle/trade/etc

Playing that one game you might remember from a demo disk way back. (Sky Gunner)


After speaking amongst friend today I realize I use gacha games to fill the "dead air" in my day to day.

If I had to hazard a guess it's most likely just another ADHD thing

Sometimes I just think about how young me would freak out if they saw how broken gen 1 really was. Anyway can't wait to take these lil freaks to Stadium

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Honestly with today's Pokemon reveal, I'm more excited for the return of Komala.

Can't wait to throw people off with sleep talk sets again.

Some Pokemon news promised tomorrow. Wonder how that'll bury the conversation on the Mario Movie reveal if at all.

PS2 unlocked spent the evening formatting an HDD and we can now boot games from it and the library is dense!

After no lifeing Splatfest I still wanna play the game some more.

At work though which makes that task a little less feasible

While I do play GO, I despise its proliferation in search results

I want to find Pokemon events in my area that involve the games, NOT GO.

Day is moving so slow, I just wanna start the weekend and no life some Splatoon 3

Been hitting the Splatoon 3 sauce a bit hard. Dreading already what my playtime will look like when it's available

Had a discussion with someone recently and the topic of Mario Sunshine came up.

I never want to play the game again but not because it's not a fun game, but I 100%ed it.

Meanwhile that got to be unfun when it was all said and done, but I'm at the point I can't NOT go for completion. Same reason I also 120ed M64 when the Mario 3D collection dropped

Recently got into Minesweeper but man do I get a little jump scare everytime I mess up

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