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Nintendo Switch FC - SW-6327-8610-0132 (only add me if i can recognize you, otherwise i'll reject you, sorry!)
Lewd alt account (18+ only nerds): @JennyIsGay

Twitter account:

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Here's most of the OC's I've either made (and own) or adopted! Not all are shown here, cuz... I don't have a good reason, they're just not there lol

Block Recommendation 

The admin of "" has boosted many posts with the n-word. It's just generally looking terrible. Nothing worth bothering with here.


re: that mario direct 

btw i didn't watch anything else about it, i just saw the bowser's fury trailer

that looks sick ngl

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that mario direct 

can't believe they put Demise from Skyward Sword into Super Mario 3D World™️

I work a lot of hours of my free time on, and also pay for most of it with my own pocket because the support I currently get is currently not enough to cover for the server costs (though I'm very grateful for what I already have!)

If you like, appreciate my work and can afford to help, consider contributing to my Patreon!

oh my god i must resist the urge to type in caps, this is a really really good image of :raboot:​ .........


okay so like, my bluetooth headphones have this cool feature where you can pair two devices at once, and have them both remain connected

however this is also annoying since it connects to my phone, and my app will know if i so much as touch my phone, it'll automatically pause whatever i'm doing on the other connected device (e.g. my laptop, which has good enough bluetooth to let me use my headphones w/ it)

ftr i do go by jasmine, but also fuck it, call me by w/e the display name says lol

i used to allow it before i was otherkin, but now just like, i am pokemon so, it only makes sense to call me by the pokemon i currently am (like, my scorbunny OC)

the joys of twitter dot com, otherkin harrassmetn 

someone made an account today specifically to namesearch "otherkin" and manually reply to each and every post they find, just to make fun of them

these losers need to get a hobby

okay, windows scaling defaulted to 125%, and while i think that is better for a laptop, it makes everything look so fucking blurry and ugly that i had no choice but to set it back to 100%

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