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yep, i've done it again, i'll be swapping instances now!

find me on @EeveeEuphoria!

the friendo in question fav'd this post, so heck it, i'mma do it

this will only encourage me to draw more :glaceon:​s

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Seattle Area: Do you need a very cheap (manual transmission) car in good condition? :boost_ok: 

It's a 1995 Honda Accord DX, 5 speed manual. In amazing condition for 200,000 miles, just had its timing belt replaced.

This car has been worked hard but very lovingly cared for.

Its biggest issue: it was rear-ended and the trunk doesn't close properly (but doesn't seem to leak). Second worst: the windows squeak when you roll them down.

Clean title, has a solid 100k miles left in it.

Asking ~$800.

"Jeff Bezos would pay $7 billion in tax under Warren's medicare for all plan"

Yes, and he won't even notice that it's gone. That's how much money he has.

Like, he'll know it as a fact and that might make him angry, but he could buy all 10 of the top ten most expensive yachts on the sea today and still have more money than he knows what to do with.

the only pokemon leak i'd need to know is if shinx is in the game

yeah while im going through this stuff if you talk about any pokemon leaks from sword or shield, PLEASE CW that shit under an appropriate tag, dont be a party pooper

wehhh i really do wanna sign up to a new instance just cuz i feel like i'm taking up a lotta space here ;w;

wait no i'm not

i can't access my steam library with the browser disabled

lmao fuck off, i don't want steam using 2gb of ram just to render a slightly nicer interface

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i'm changing my steam name to "πŸ¦€ OVERWATCH IS DEAD πŸ¦€"

price is directly related to quality when it comes to art, which is why I believe Coco is about as good as Spookley the Square Pumpkin but only half as good as Disney Channel's Halloweentown


apparently Pokemon SwSh has been leaked.

just saying, if you use Twitter, now's your excuse to just stop using it until the game comes out

hot lewd take, not serious 

the only reason why people participate in no nut november is because they go "hehe funny alliteration"

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