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Pow Pow! :hitmonchan:​ Oh Yeah? :hitmonchan:​ How 'bout One'a These? :hitmonchan:​ Oof! :hitmonchan:​ That The Best You Got? :hitmonchan:

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Beware of What Awaits In The Caves!!

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Beware of What Awaits In The Tall Grass!!
෴෴ :rattata:​ ෴෴෴ :caterpie:​ ෴෴෴ :ekans:​ ෴෴෴ :surskit:​ ෴෴෴෴

skit and character vines are the worst kind of vines

also on a more related note
love new pokemon
want all of the starters thank you

as a vegan i would like to say holy fuck can vegans stop being racist ethnocentric colonial shitheads for a fucking second and think about people who arent living in contemporary western society

reminder that it's 2019 and q**er is still a slur and the community is LGBTQ (:

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