Current progression in Pokémon Scarlet:
* 6 gym badges
* 4 titan badges
* 2 star badges
* Pokédex: 236 pokémon caught, 318 seen
* 8 boxes of pokémon filled in the computer
* Outside southern area 6, all the areas I haven't visited are the northern areas.
* Ready to storm the poison base of team star.

it's a little passed halloween now, but here is a little gardevoir pfp commission i did for a friend! this mon is looking like they have miscevious machinations.

Current progression in Pokémon Scarlet:
* 2 gym badges
* 1 titan badge
* 1 star badge
* ~170 pokémon caught in the pokédex, ~210 seen.
* 7 boxes of pokémon filled in the computer.
* Walked around half of the areas.
* Team of 6 ground pokémons at level 30, ready for the next gym (probably overpowered).

Violet highlights so far (no actual spoilers, but still cw) 

• I've killed my ride maybe 5 times by now
• Ran into so many tiny things too
• One time I accidentally knocked out what was most probably a shiny
• I'll probably never qualify for a job at Subway
• My chronic inability to read maps properly sure gets me places

Also, my trainer spent the first few hours looking eerily like Haman Karn from Zeta Gundam before I finally managed to find a salon.


I visited most of the Southern Area 5 (south east area) yesterday, before getting my third gym badge (I wanted to check if there was ground pokémon there since I'm doing the electric badge next).
The area is completely optional (and the pokémon center of that area is at the end of the road), but you can get interesting pokémon there, like :larvitar:​, :goomy:​ and :axew:​.

If you didn't noticed, in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the game saves the order in which you get your badges (of any kind) and can display it.
Go to the map and zoom out completely to display the full region. You'll see numbers on the map where you got your badges. When moving the cursor on a number you'll see the corresponding badge.

In the new games, the pokémon icons are now vector icons. I wonder if the emoji here will all be updated to reflect this.

another birthday mon! one of my friend ed's favourite pokemon is lilligant! i don't know how he feels about cupcakes, though...

Currently removing all the art I had on DeviantArt (lots of old things, I stopped posting there around 2016). I'm getting several 403 errors.

here's a wacky lil bellossom. i went a little off model for it, though! i still need to touch of a few things, i think

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