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To all new folks comin' here:

You'll get more out of Mastodon by using unofficial mobile apps such as Tusky (Android) and Metatext (iOS) than through the official app.

You get a two more timelines to view: a Local timeline, and a Federated timeline.

The Local timeline consists of all public posts made by other people on the same instance/server you're on, while the Federated timeline consists of public posts including people outside of your instance.

You can the unofficial apps here:

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A la gente nueva que viene:

Se puede sacar más provecho de Mastodon por usar los apps no oficiales como Tusky (Android) y Metatext (iOS) en lugar del app oficial.

Hay dos más Timelines en los apps no oficiales para ver: Local y Federado.

El Timeline Local se compone de posts públicos hecho por otros usuarios que están en la misma instancia donde estás. Lo Federado se compone posts públicos hecho por usuarios afuera de tu instancia.

Se puede ver una lista de los apps no oficiales por acá:

Ojalá que lo que escribí se entienda bien. Español no es mi primer idioma. 🙇

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Behold! #MastoArt #curator @Curator #MastoPrompts a bit late but here it is: “Best friends” watercolour on Bockingford paper.

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The best explination I've ever seen of why the argument against online privacy is stupid:

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COVID denial, anti-masking & vaccine disinfo, mocking people with chronic illness (saying ME/CFS & long covid are "unscientific", comparing it to delusions). By the admin. For example:

"Trage gerne Deine FFP2, wenn es Dich beruhigt. Aber wissenschaftlich ist das, genau wie Long COVID und ME/CFS, halt eher nicht."

Translation: "Feel free to wear your FFP2 if it reassures you. But it's not scientific, just like Long COVID and ME/CFS."

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Hoping Teba is in Breath of the Wild 2 and that he gets more talking time, because he's so 👌☺️


Might be me, but mangos are like fruit candy. Sometimes a little sour, but still really good! 🥭

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I am available to do high quality vector emoji, sticker and emote commissions!

Full info and pricing:

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@roko Watched the video. I also get Neil being a bit on the fence and trying to point out the usually these questions come from people who have some sort of agenda....but regardless science is science, and we have to defend our values using the science not ignoring it. If being gay is a learned behavior, then we should defend those who are gay based on that fact. If gay is a learned behavior, being straight also is. In any case, I totally agree with your comment.
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Plese boost for reach: Why have a single person, or even a team, working on accessibility? In an organization, in a company, in a dev team, in any collective that works on software, media, books, art... Everyone should be focused on accessibility in anything they create for others. If you are, then everyone else has a better time! Maybe someone wants to read a picture, or hear a book, or relax their eyes while doing computer work. It helps *everyone* when everyone is included. #a11y

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Flat ui makes details of the interface difficult to interpret. It's aesthetic consumerism in web design. Throwing away the old for no reason other than that it's old, and insisting that people adopt the new because the old is old, so for this and no other reason, the old is bad.

Textured interface design emulated physical interfaces. It had shading. It had recognizable shape and texture, and its shape followed its function.

But since the widespread adoption of computers and the internet, this intuitive design has been abandoned under the assumption that since everyone knows how the tech works now, and knows how to use it, that there's no need to make the interface intuitive.

But this drives away new adopters, and makes the process of using interfaces into something like interpreting esoteric symbolism.

The interfaces, over time, have become more and more abstract, to the point that the symbols themselves are completely alienated from their origin.

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There shouldn't be "competing" fedi platforms. "We" should not refer to Pleroma or Honk or Misskey or Friendica and "them" should not refer to Mastodon or Akkoma or Hubzilla or any of the others.

"We" should refer to /all/ fedi platforms collectively. "Them" should refer to Twitter and Facebook and the like.

We compete with them. Fuck off with the infighting.

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Something I keep saying I’m going to write about but never get around to is how my relationship to free software has similarities to how plain folk relate to all technology.

So instead of putting it off I’m just going to scribble some notes here.

Plain folk use technology but they avoid tech that might compromise their values. Key among these is preservation of their communities and their autonomy. One example is how they won’t use electricity from the grid but they will use solar panels. This might seem confusing if you don’t consider how depending on the grid conflicts with their value of autonomy.

Autonomy is key to these folks because it is how they have been able to keep their way of life inside of a militant, capitalistic nation for centuries. If a community can feed, clothe and house itself, there’s not a lot a government can do to interfere with them short of the kind of violence that would look really bad on TV.

One of my key motivations for using free software is to preserve autonomy as well. If I have non-free software in any of my workflows I am vulnerable to whatever whim the maker may throw at me. I’m also vulnerable to any legal entity who might change the rules about what I can make and how I can use my tools. This is important when you’re trying to divorce yourself from things like capitalism which have an immune response to such threats.

Most people won’t argue with say a Mennonite who won’t use a telephone, but they will argue with me all day for refusing to use Autodesk software; and what I’m saying is that the underlying rationale is the same.

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A Decidueye holding its wings above me to provide shade in this heat.

But the poor Decidueye will need some shade of its own, so we go under a tree.

We both then have a big shade to keep cool.

The Decidueye then doesn't need to use its wings to provide me shade, so then I lose an excuse to have Decidueye wings above me

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You know that thing where people make fun of a terrible opinion by writing it in a mixture of upper and lower case? It's probably not a good idea.

Screenreader software used by blind or partially-sighted people interprets capital letters as the beginning of a word.

This means that a phrase written as "FiNe PEopLe oN BoTh siDeS" will sound like gibberish.

If accessibility matters to you, try to avoid doing this.

#FediTips #Accessibility #A11y

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Imagine the fediverse :: Understanding the fediverse by deriving known concepts

Imagine there is more than one Facebook. Thousands of organisations and individuals are offering their own edition of the Facebook social network. Some are generalist, others are themed by interest, by language or by location for example. These different editions are called instances. Users chose the one they prefer, or the one they trust most to store their account data, and register there. All instances are interconnected. Therefore, only one account is needed to interact with users from the entire federation of Facebooks.

Now imagine that there are also numerous instances of twitter, Instagram and YouTube, run by diverse organisations and enthousiastic individuals all over the world. They can all interconnect. A user from any twitter instance, can for example follow users from any Instagram instance and comment on their photos, without having an Instagram account.

Now stop imagining. These social networks exit. They are not called Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube, but rather
#Mastodon, #Misskey, #Pleroma, #Pixelfed and #Peertube, amongst others. They are free, they do not collect user data for targeted adverting and usually do not display ads at all.

This is the fediverse.

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This is an actively used railway. This is what we could take to work, shop, and hangout instead of miles of asphalt. Human technology and nature can co-exist if we fight for it, and if we're willing to let go of failed projects like the highway system.

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