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@nathan asked me why I delete my old content. 500 characters wasn't enough, so here's a post about it...


Did web browsers ever had a right-click option to stop individual images from fully loading? I swear it used to exist, at least on Internet Explorer on Vista.

Sometimes I think back to how I used to be so talkative back in the day, like I'd be taka-taka-ing away with my friends. Now it's suddenly difficult. Kind of wish I had chat logs so I can analyse my younger self and find out what that self's been thinking.

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Apparently Google Safe Browsing has been flagging some Nextcloud servers as unsafe and/or distributing malware.

What a convenient way to put a damper on an open source, self-hostable competitor. Does this remind anyone of the way Google treats other peoples' email servers?

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Tired: Make wubsite fast with CDN, thousands of locations, every major city

Wired: Make wubsite fast with delete stupid js you don't need

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Me, talking to the salesman in the appliance showroom, from now until forever.

"I've worked in computing for decades. I know more about tech & the Internet than the people that design your products. You can show me any model of washer you like, but if it has wifi I won't buy it."

COVID, positivity 

A very nice positive about being the last person at home to be considered fully-vaxxed is no longer having to worry about cleaning groceries and other items when bringing them inside! 😄​

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I'm no techie, but if "major websites" are down then perhaps the problem isn't with the tech but with the fact that there's such a thing as a "major website"

There's no reason we all have to visit the same ten websites as each other every day, support the little guys

I like the way this place works, where there are lots of little sites and you can choose the ones you interact with, but they're all interlinked on a network, you know, like a kind of inter... net...?

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Looking for people who regularly use screen readers to browse the web.

A dev version of #keyoxide [1] currently has 100% #accessibility score by #lighthouse [2] and 0 errors according to WAVE [3] but still I'd hope to receive some real-world feedback and ensure what I develop can truly be used by all.

Boosts appreciated.

[1] dev.keyoxide.org
[2] web.dev/measure
[3] wave.webaim.org

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~35-degree heatwave with humidity in my area is unacceptable 😠​

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Why I Delete Old Toots 

Nothing I post is so unprecedented that people will still find it useful several years later. There are enough wonderful toots posted every day that there's no reason to backread through my entire profile instead, except perhaps for doxxing purposes.
So, since I like keeping things tidy, I use Forget to delete every post of mine older than 4 months, except for the few that I've decided to keep. If you'd like to do something similar yourself, you can learn more here:
Fun fact: I've had to repost this exactly because it got deleted by mistake. So do take care to mark the things you wish to keep. Also, check if your profile is in any web archives; mine is, unfortunately, and it does make you wonder what the point is. But I'll keep on doing it anyway; small steps are better than nothing!

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Webdesign tip: Give all your links a brief, descriptive, & unique label. Never label them "click here", "view", or "download". They should be understandable out-of-context.

This is crucial for Rhapsode, but also benefits other screenreaders too & is easier to skim visually.

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With pressures mounting from Google's own employees, regulators, & competitors, @MiaD says a de-Googled world, where Google is no longer the default, is on the horizon.

Want to join the movement? Start living Google-free today: spreadprivacy.com/how-to-remov

Original tweet : twitter.com/DuckDuckGo/status/

Today I learnt that you need to keep the initial @ of the poster you're replying to or else your reply won't show up to the poster's notifications.

Hmm... When Pi-Apps shows that Tor Browser has to be reïnstalled in order to update it, all bookmarks saved in the older version of Tor Browser will be deleted in the process...

Quite the hard lesson to learn, that you have to remember to back up any bookmarks saved on Tor Browser before updating it. Darn. 😐​

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