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You will increase the chances of me boosting your post if you put alt-text for your images. Please make the Internet better for folks who need to use screen readers and not put the responsibility on random users to do it for you.

Today was an all-grey day.

Completely cloudy, pretty windy, some rain, below 10 degrees. And to top it all, I had a minor headache going through.

A good recipe for just doing completely nothing. Just be in bed the whole day. Just laying there, passively absorbing the grey.


Violence, Acti-Blizz 

I can imagine that if Acti-Blizz somehow ends up legally in the clear, despite employees' complaints, some employee will begin smuggling gun parts and then just go postal on the executives.

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My dad just called me to tell me to look at the clouds lol and wow look at these clouds (and the moon) !!! #theskytoday

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love to have an extremely cool term (metaverse) co opted by an extremely uncool company (Facebook)

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getting back to work, asking for help with a name/gender change 

I'm trying to get back to work.

I'm working on changing my name and gender before I go back, because in Oklahoma employers frequently refuse to acknowledge anything but a legal name. I really don't want to deal with this again. My last workplace was Hell about it.

It's $190.14 in my county for a name change order, plus $5 for notary fees. I'll also need money for certified copies, but I'm not sure how much they are (I'm told "not much").

To change my gender, I'm going to have to pay a $20 fee for a new birth certificate from Iowa and get my doctor to sign an affidavit.

A new ID is also going to be $25. I may have to get two (one with my name, one with the updated name and gender).

A new passport is gonna be $110, plus I'll have to have my doctor sign another affidavit.

I've applied for aid for all this, but I don't qualify because last year's tax return made it look like I made too much to qualify.

My overall goal right now is $350. Any excess will go to help pay bills and expenses whilst I look for work, and also unforseen expenses with the changes.

Thank y'all!

CashApp: $plausocks (my wife)

I've got other methods, too, if you ask.

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How have we not moved past the whole 'person with boobs mentions something tech related, I best explain it to them immediately'

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What's in a name? That which we call a shit,
By any other name would smell as foul.

#facebook #rebrand

Many years of using Android, and I still don't know how to consistently move app icons around so I can make a folder instead of shoving other app icons around.

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Housing costs spike: makes capitalists money, so no problem
Food costs spike: makes capitalists money, so no problem
Education costs spike: makes capitalists money, so no problem
Labor costs spike: EMERGENCY

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Twitch, on current Incognito session on my browser, after watching a few Feathered Flint, is recommending me a streamer with a Lazy Lions avatar among other furry streamers on the left sidebar.

Thinking it was a joke on second thought, I clicked on it, and saw my hunch confirmed.

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This holiday season, if you're going to buy friends and family presents, consider skipping Amazon and supporting some of your friendly, independent fedi artists instead!

Grab a beautiful calendar from @sylvia_ritter , a sublime in drawing print from @lila_bliblu an absurdist cult membership from @onan or one of thousands of great pieces of art from tags like #fediart or #mastoart.

Artists (of all descriptions) please post links to where people can buy your stuff in a reply!

Please boost!

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tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

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The phone has to be positioned though so that you can hear anything out of the clock radio. Generally seems to have to be at least almost in the way between the phone and the nearest tower.

On my previous phone, if it's transferring at 1x speeds, the noises are a bit different. Not sure if that'll happen with my new phone since the new one's antenna is too good to go at 1x speeds.

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My clock radio makes weird static-y noises whenever my phone does any kind of data transfer to and from the Internet. Only happens when the radio function is on; so it also happens when radio is technically on, but volume is all the way down.

I can literally hear the transfer of data out of the clock radio. Almost like hearing data transfer on land-line while someone's already using dial-up.

Just learnt that Apple had some big conference or whatever today.

Through scrolling on here, it sounds like a notch on a laptop display is so damn revolutionary ๐Ÿ™„ that they had to dedicate a few minutes for that bit of courage.

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For everyone in the EU who wants to work on the future of social media, the metaverse, interoperability and openness.

Please don't start working for Facebook. You won't be part of the solution, you won't improve the world. At most, you will hinder the actual technical innovations we both dream of.

Organise yourselves, look for leaders to start a co-operative or nonprofit and work with everything you have to bring the true vision of ethical technology to the masses.

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