To all new folks comin' here:

You'll get more out of Mastodon by using unofficial mobile apps such as Tusky (Android) and Metatext (iOS) than through the official app.

You get a two more timelines to view: a Local timeline, and a Federated timeline.

The Local timeline consists of all public posts made by other people on the same instance/server you're on, while the Federated timeline consists of public posts including people outside of your instance.

You can the unofficial apps here:

Oops! Typo on the last line!

It should be "You can see a list of unofficial apps here".

@Hawlucha anyone can tell me how to add a 2nd account in Metatext? When I tried it I had to log off the 1st account :blobpats:

@Hawlucha By the way those timelines aren't an unofficial thing; they're built into the software, the web UI has them.

The so-called ""official"" app /deliberately removed/ them.

@Hawlucha hell, that first rule is often good on the internet - 3rd party apps are usually better as they have the features people want

@Hawlucha the.... official one doesn't show the local or federated columns??? what the fuck

everything we hear about this official app makes it sound worse and worse

@Felthry Yeah... I had to use it myself to really believe it. Not that I never believed what others said, but really wanted that confirmation.

Also just noticed there's no separate tab for viewing a profile's pinned posts. Even birdsite's official app shows the profile's pinned post, no?

The only thing I think it's got going for it is showing a list of instances along with their little blurbs when first using it, and categorises them. Makes it easy for new people to quickly go through what instance they want. Just that part, though.

It shows the rules, but only the short list. It doesn't displays the rest of the text you'd find in /about/more.

@Hawlucha thanks I am going to install Tusky that mainly explain why I don't see anything in the tl 😅

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