I just realised that, if you don't include remakes, are the first games to be named after colours in four whole generations.

Yay! My bestest friend and sister-from-another-mister, @KitsieCake has finally posted her ! Can you all make her feel welcome to donphan.social? :) donphan.social/@KitsieCake/108

All right, I'm saying it. I'm honestly shocked how much attention is getting and how often it's being praised as "the next big thing in tech" and "revolutionary".

Does anyone stop to think how much this is going to screw over actual human artists?

And has anyone answered the question on how this technology was trained to be able to respond to art prompts so effectively and create its own art from scratch?

Are we even sure it IS actually creating these artworks from a zero state, instead of copying elements from prior existing works?

So #PokemonScarlet and #PokemonViolet look set to be very interesting titles. Seems like... 

... they're taking the ideas from the last generation further, going full open-world like and the Wild Area from . I'm also intrigued by the suggestion it'll be truly for the first time, and am eager to find out how that'll work :)

And just because I personally love this picture, here's a fan-made (non-canon) re-imagining of Jinji the as a , as drawn by Ironicatty of -

Just Jinji making his appearance. (I should note he's in shadow here, so the colours are a little darker than I would typically imagine him)


Greetings and well met! Those of you who have followed me for some time on other social media platforms or DeviantArt, or who play certain Pokémon fan games, likely already know who I am. For everyone else:

I'm an aspiring writer, Pokémon role-player, and staff member for a fan-made MMO, who for many years now has owned a OC I call Jinji. Originally my persona, Jinji has over the years morphed into his own character and been joined by a cast of other ; and now I write all kinds of stories about their antics on DeviantArt, Patreon, and my website (jinji.gamescodex.net). Even more recently, I've been collaborating with an artist friend to create Jinji comics!

I joined with a view of moving away from . Still not entirely sure how I'm going to use this going forward, though. -^


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