It's perhaps ironic that I tend to portray Jinji the Gengar as quite an extrovert, and yet IRL I'm actually very much an introvert. I guess it's easy to be more of a free spirit when you embrace fantasy.

Fairies are more superior than you think, BOYS! My Tera type has been revealed!

It's finally autumn time!!! My favorite season of the year! (I survived another summer🍁💜🍁 (The images below are not mine btw.)

There's this stupid glitch in my Pokemon Xenoverse game! I was in a double battle, and when I did super effective moves against an opponent's 'Mons, no damage is done! And to add salt on the wound, every move opposing Pokemon uses DEFEATS my Pokemon! I'm pulling my hair rn! What the heck do I do to fix this bs! Please send help!

I literally just started high school today, and I just learned something.

Here's more art because the best guy approved of what I asked to do here (which is this). Hey. He deserves it.

Good news, and bad news on Pokémon Legends Arceus. The good news, I'm an Eighth Star Member. The bad news, I quit(thanks to someone that starts with a V, and is making me go through an emotional roller coaster).

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