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link: are you thirsty
zelda: i am extremely thirsty

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I created an account here years ago but it never got much use!! So I’m thinking maybe I will give it a try again.

The name on my League Card is Leaf, but some of you might know me as other things besides; I have a lot of names. My trainer class is Delinquent (as in, I am a woman who specializes in Dark‐type pokémon) and I act like one sometimes (rawr) but I promise I’m a big softie on the inside.

I care more about the stories people form with their pokémon than I do battling. I’d probably be a Reporter if I wasn’t terrified of talking to strangers. Instead I am an Internet Personality, which is much better / worse.

Nice to meet you all!!

adobe is killing brackets?! that was my favourite electron-based text editor

maybe someday someone who is far more tolerant than me can record me talking and post it there

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i could never post a video to youtube i just think the entire platform is stuck incredibly far up its own arse

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youtube artists who say “the video was not made for saving you; it’s what you do after the stream stops playing (like & subscribe)”

« Second was a jewellery box.  Zelda wrinkled her nose at the bulk of it—put simply, she was not a Goron, and had never seen the value in precious stones.  »

« Korra is a powerful mma fighter. » this is true

love it when swift’s documentation is just wronge

i feel like i should be getting paid for the kind of work i am doing now

apple please stop breaking shit which was best·in·class ten versions ago

macOS’s support for .ttc’s is kinda bad huh

Our latest issue is out now!

Come help us celebrate the start of YEAR TWELVE as we share an amazing new collection of fantasy and sci-fi stories by women-identified writers!

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