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the year is 2021. there is still no good way to send someone a file

also apparently the last time i updated my bio was when i was still 18 but i am no longer a teen, actually

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not really using masto as you may have noticed but if anyones been curious what ive been up to i have 1450 hours in a star wars mmo.

Asking for Grocery/Food Money :boost_ok:​ 

I am running low on money, since I had to pay off my phone bill for the month of April. Can anyone give me any money, so I can afford to get any food sometime soon? I wanna get something other than Ramen noodles.

Please help me out:

Cash App:$NatsumiKitty




aight, finally got around to installing some masto app on my ipad since the web version wasnt that good when i used it on tablet.. guess i can be a little more active on there? idk

trying to design myself a fursona... rly rocking that 90s tacobell aesthetic

also i don't think i will ever change my handle. it's just real megamind hours on this account 24/7

maybe i could try to be a little more active here so uhhhh i love rosie

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