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Hey, if you like my art and want to support me in some way, you can donate something via ko-fi or paypal! :luvdisc:


Thank you for all donations!!

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ive been a little busier for the last week but some time ago i actually started working on my commission info....... finally lol

cw skull (drawing) 

This is such a small part of one amazing film but I fuckin love how Spiderverse normalizes graffiti culture, the graffiti scenes were some of the best bits of writing in the film. You see Miles going from stickering signposts, to tagging subway walls, to eventually painting a huge mural on a visible wall. The development of his artistic expression parallels and complements the development his character goes through as the story progresses

It clearly has a lot of respect for graffiti culture and portrays it incredibly well as a result. That's far more than I can say for 99% of media that portrays underground subcultures

(CW: Images for spoilers)

chinchilla photos 

haven't been very active recently lol
I'll post some art i did during this month later... its all ahsoka from sw lmao

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