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Hi, I'm from Japan!
I would like to new friends for to complete Pokedex.
If someone here makes friends with me,
Please contact me with your trainer name, I'll give you my ID and name in a DM :)

Notice for GO friends 

Hi, How are you? I'm fine and
Thank you for always sending gifts😊🎁.
But as already you know, Corona virus spreads Japan😣.
So, I can rarely send you them than usual.
I hope it doesn't come to your countries.

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Get my trainer card. It's fabulous. I know you want it.

0000 0002 7X38 XF

I couldn't get Terrakium.
They were too far to throw balls with my 5.2 inch phone.

But if I had bought a bigger phone I couldn't use it because of my small hands.

I hope a folding smartphone can solve this problem...(Of course I don't have much money to buy these phones...)

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@Siphonay Hi, Siphonay.
Thank you for managing this server.

By the way, We will be the best friends in a day on Pokémon GO.
So will you use a lucky egg?
If you will, I'll wait you.

Complete Team GO Rocket research 

He could just the weakest enemy.😅
I struggle to fight the leaders more than Giovanni:Sakaki.

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defeated :lapras:​ on PoGO 

I had not completed the special task, so I restarted to knock down the leaders.
Then, I had met and done Sierra's strong :lapras:​ and :houndoom:​ !😂​
So, I leaned the importance to change my pokemons.

Need friends on donphan users for Sw/Sh 

Hi, Poké fans!
Were you enjoyed on Community day? :trainer: :poke_ball:
By the way, I'd like to make friends on✨
Because I can't play with friends in my country in order to I go to my bed earlier.😴

If you'd, Please reply me, then I'd send DM with my code.
It's the first time to try for me,
So, I'd like to receive the request from ONLY donphan users.

I'll wait for your messages. 😉

@SunScales Hi,How are you?
We will become the best friends in a day!😊🎉
So Would you use the egg today?
if you would, I'll wait for you.

Glar and Mary Poppins 

Well, I couldn't name my galar wheezing as Van Dyke😅.

But I can do as Bert!

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not super sure how adding cards works, I tried adding one earlier and it didn't seem to work - but here's my code if anyone wants my card, I like it a lot 😊

Sw/Sh and Pokeball plus connection 

Yes! It's the same G/S and HG/SS!😍​
What I got sending back my pokemon to Sw
1 stardust
2Ultra ball

beat Sierra 

It's also difficult for me.


My friend had told me about PoGo skills, so I could beat him and her.

Sw/Sh and Pokéball plus 

I sent a sw/sh pokémon to Pokéball plus for Community day.
It's remind me of Pocket Pikachu(gold and silver) and Pokéwalker (HG and SS).

Defeated Arlo. 

Hi. I started to play PoGo putting on a gauze mask and avoid neighborhood.

Several times I tried, I defeated him!
His pokémons: Scyther,Crobat,Scizor.

I'm surprised it's needed to use shields
At first battle, I tried no shield then my Golem was fainted 😂

Notice to GO friends 

Hi, Long time to see.
I should tell you I can't play PoGo
for while because I have been took photos by a crazy elderly near my house yesterday.😭
she chased me although I left there and couldn't stop using her camera until I grabbed hers.
after that trouble, of course I call police and tell that .
But I feel really scary, so I decided to stop playing PoGo.😓

Please be careful 🙏

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