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Hi, I'm from Japan!
I would like to new friends for to complete Pokedex.
If someone here makes friends with me,
Please contact me with your trainer name, I'll give you my ID and name in a DM :)

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@SunScales Hi,How are you?
We will become the best friends in a day!😊🎉
So Would you use the egg today?
if you would, I'll wait for you.

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not super sure how adding cards works, I tried adding one earlier and it didn't seem to work - but here's my code if anyone wants my card, I like it a lot 😊

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But I can't try to get Uxie.
My dinner time is early.🍽️

The task to make 3 friends has completed!
Thank you for adding me!

@SapphicGirafarig Hi, Lucky trainer, Girafarig!🤩
I ask you to make friends on PokémonGo.
I just sent a request, So if you will, Let's become friends!

hi, I need three friends for special research.
If you will, Please send me DM, then I send my trainer's code and name!

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