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Hi, I'm from Japan!
I would like to new friends for to complete Pokedex.
If someone here makes friends with me,
Please contact me with your trainer name, I'll give you my ID and name in a DM :)

In future, may some person researchs Pokémon global onomatopoeia...?🧐

:golett: would be born as she might be fainting.🤔

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I'd like to see schooling :luvdisc: s.
They'll kiss around :tangela: 😘

One of my goals is to get shiney lovdisk.
I want to fill yellow and gold pokémon up on the yellow gym.

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I wish there are black wooloos.
It must be lovely.

And I would have reaped wool
(Maybe Next to Harvest Pokémoon?) XD

@sachirin Hi, How are you?
I'm so pleased we'll become best friends in a day on Poke GO.🎊​
So, Will you use a lucky egg?🥚​
If you will, Could you tell me the time being able to do it?
On a side note, I can receive your gift today,.😎​

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