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:psychic_type: About Me! :flying_type:

You can call me Lugia! I’m a lover of generation 2, a casual game and plushie collector, and a lifelong Pokemon fan. I’ve enjoyed this franchise my entire life thanks to my sister introducing it to me at a young age!

I’m :ms_nonbinary_flag: and :ms_bisexual_flag:! I use They/Them pronouns. I’m 21 years old, french canadian (ESA) and I study in college in multimedia integration!

Other favorite pokemons includes but not limited to, :primarina:, :magnemite:, :ampharos:, :dracozolt:, :torterra:...

I enjoy other things, but you may learn as I post about it!

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:energy_water: Gen 1 and 2 collection state :energy_psychic:

Currently, only Pokemon Yellow is missing. Green was not planned to be bought but I found it for very cheap!
Other sidegames can wait.
Not pictured: other consoles (GBASP, GB) and Pokemon Snap

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And to finish the “about me” talk, I also draw! I love drawing Pokemons, they are very fun and varied!

Also my primarina plush is stuck in Miami someone get her out of florida

Grinded all day long for Lugia, still no shinysparks

So apparently... the shiny odds in Dynamax Adventure are REALLY good!

According to datamines (tweet in following toot), they go as such:

- 1/300 without shiny charm (completing main dex and acquiring it)
- 1/100 with shiny charm

Those odds are CRAZY good and i’m glad they arent the usual 1/4096, it’d make shiny hunting the legends CRAZY hard

Also, the shinyness of the pokemon is rolled once you arrive to the “choose pokemon” screen (as in choose the one you want to go home with), so they won’t appear as shiny until you catch them.

@hi_cial you’re maybe already aware of it but I though you might find interesting that the very first Mewtwo card released in French renamed it to "Deuxmiaou" (even though it’s still Mewtwo in French everywhere else), that might be a neat thing you could look for!

The way i found her was total luck too!

I posted on my twitter abt sunyshore not having the Primarina plush anymore (me hitting the big Sad)

And one of my mutuals DMs me like “you want a primarina plush? I’ve been trying to sell mine for a year now...” and just- the LUCK

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I cant stop thinking abt her... :primarina: soon she’ll hug me..

Hes still quite dirty here, but heres the movie series zukan for mewtwo! It has a lil ash for scale ref

One thing I’m unsure of, is if I’ll get the rest of the collection as well, the person hasnt confirmed to me if the collection will go with it or not, if yes i’ll send pics too!

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Here are the pics of the Primarina I’m getting. She’s in really good condition, the tag doesn’t rly matter to me I may cut it since it’ll be residing forever on my bed, and its wires are still intact! 50$USD (30$ usd, and 20$ shipping since shipping to Canada is pretty hardcore) for this darling!

I’m being sappy again, but that’s what Primarina does to me. It’s like a primal feeling of love. It’s been a wild ride with them. Ahh i’ll stop there, i should post some pics of the plush I’m getting!

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I could go on about how Primarina is special to me, how much of a place in my life it took ever since I saw it in the chinese leaks, before Brionne was revealed, so there was no way to know it was true.
How I would hope so badly for it to be real, how exciting it got when Brionne was revealed
And that faithful day in my Sociology class, when my sister sent me a video of the Alolan starters final evos revealed. And when I saw Primarina, i couldn’t help but cry. All the wait ended here, and we didn’t get the scary clown final evolution people kept sharing around

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