People have said that the Palkia and Dialga cards are the worst, and not the best. And I just want some people to understand that they replicate rly well how the Palkia and Dialga cards looked during the DPP card set era

They were often 3D, and just. have this very specific style..!
I have very strong memories as, when I was young, I collected Palkia cards. and Looked at them often lol!

If you want more examples, I reccomend you check here:

A friend is going to give me their Celebrations Lugia card... Wow... I'm so grateful <3 Such a beauty

Why Did I Only Learn Just Now That Japanese Copies Of Pokémon Crystal Have Suicune's Crest On The Back Of The Cartridge ....

This is my latest addition to my collection. I spotted it so quick at my local gamestore. They also had a teal at a different store, but Atomic Purple feels like the quintessential color for a Gameboy Color.

It has a battery cover of a different color, lime actually. Because it lost its original. But hey, it looks dope!

My last Gameboy to add to my collection <3 I now have the 3 Main Gameboys. Other revisions may be added to the mix but… nah i’m fine w/ my 3 boys

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My dear friends i can finally play Pokémon Crystal the way Game Freak intended 🛐

I jumped off my chair a little when I saw Lugia... I didn't expect it, but I'm so happy

The Suicune episode of Generations is one of my favorite things ever, and I hope the Lugia one will be as good

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So they just announced a new mini-serie for Pokemon called Pokémon Evolutions, and it seems to be Pokémon Generations successor since it'll animate key points from the games / game lore

And... And there's going to be a Lugia / Kimono Girls episode...

I love Lugia so much, i caught one for my father. I never got to get another one. I rely heavily on internet connection to play PoGo as I don’t have cellular data. Which is why i can’t go get Lugias

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Apparently Lugia is coming back to PoGo raids…

I dont do raids nearly as often nor do i have a party to do them with so hopefully my friends will invite me to Lugia raids ;3;

I’m personally glad they listened to the community, it took a while and a first statement that was a bit meh, but i’m glad it worked out in the end :-)

Here’s for a safer and more accessible Pokémon Go!

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Pokemon GO Interaction Radius update:

Niantic have announced that the interaction radius will be set at 80M globally, and will remain this way

Here are the tweets from Niantic.


Trainers - we’re looking forward to sharing our plans as a result of the task force on September 1, but one thing does not have to wait! From now on, 80 meters will be the base interaction radius for PokéStops and Gyms globally. (1/2)

Thank you to everyone who made your voices heard. We’ve heard you and understand that this has been a welcome benefit to many players. We’ll share more next week. (2/2)

this computer's specs are pretty good but it can barely run 3d games wwww

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