I cried real, legitimate tears when the leaks were true. When my sibling sent me the video saying it was real. I hoped so hard for Primarina to be real. My beautifful

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Also I got a Primarina in PoGo

Yes I shed a few tears when he evolved. Memories of 2016 when it was announced as Real when I was in sociology class

Whenevr i go sleep i got Ingo and Emmet on my mind … i hope theyre back together and having a good time

I said it on my EFDN, but whenever I get something cool, I go and show it off to Ingo. To get his approval I guess. Like a kid showing a drawing they did to their parents.

Today, it was a shiny Quilava I found in a massive mass outbreak. :-)

I was there when Incineroar stood up and made people so mad and afraid it’d be fighting type in the chinese ref sheet leaks

I was there when Incineroar enraged smash fans who still believed the grinch leak

Incineroar is antagonistic by nature. Its a heel. I have to support him. I can’t help it

And another cat standing up would be his legacy

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Everyone I know is raging at the thought of the cat starter standing up.

I’m antagonistic by nature so I really wanna see it stand up just so people get really mad

Tho I’ll say i truly do not care for Treecko, but I still grab it by principle

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If you’re curious of my starter timeline, I did this on my twitter.

Either Popplio was just so great that I made the switch, or I rly just did Not Care about Rowlet.

I’ll say the former because I don’t want rowlet enjoyers to give me death stares. (Tho i rly did switch because I loved Popplio so much)

Also including a blank ver if u wanna do it too

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Popplio REALLY changed the way my preference goes huh…

Ever since Popplio, I’ve been picking water type..

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Also, if you’re curious of my preference in the Gen 9 starter set list…

Its the duck

Anyways if you have the Kudari and Nobori Partner figs I reccomend you surrender them to me right now (joke)

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Also I grew attached to Emmet and Ingo of the funny battle train in Unova </3 thanks PLA

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Ive been inactive sorry

- PLA is fun
- I’ve been Busy

Thats it really

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