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This just in: Scientists have discovered that our universe is fictional, and actually only exists to be a setting for an isekai anime in the *real* universe called "Trapped In A Horrifying Capitalist Hellscape With My Smartphone!"

night air is smelling of flowers and a bit herbal tonight. it's the scent of childhood vacations. also what i imagine oddish to smell like

Legends: Arceus already releasing in January makes me so anxious. The trailer looked so rough. Super promising, but also so damn rough technically. And I really don't trust Game Freak with tech.

The baker boi is back again with a brownie that looks like a cake and took thrice as long in the oven as described

Reasons being that they only sold rhubarb in 1kg bundles, and rhubarb is kinda meh on it's own so I had to get enough strawberries as well

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I bought a kilo of rhubarb and strawberries each because reasons and now I'm stuck making cool recipes every day so nothing spoils uneaten.

At least I've got a few new books. First books I bought in a year.

Screenshots of New Pokémon Snap everywhere, but my copy isn't arriving until Tuesday

None of my friends I talked to today like April Fool's. I really need to make some new ones smh

So will I play more Crusader Kings today or will I keep my promise of not playing and proving to myself that I'm not addicted and can totally stop whenever?

I'm currently 42h into Pokémon Unbound, I have only 4 badges and there's no end to the main plot in sight. What a gargantuan behemoth that game is.

damn, almost a month since I last posted. Uhhhh Sinnoh remakes look like ass, Legends Arceus looks promising. K good night o/

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nintendo markets nostalgia so they can sue you later for replicating the games in your memory

Fuck that ugly half-broken mess Game Freak puts out. Who needs 3D if it looks like it's 3 generations old.

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I mean, imagine a Pokémon game with these graphics. Literally heaven.

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Pokémon. But developed by the Octopath Traveller Devs. Glorious modern Pixel Art.

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Ever stop to think about how, in our modern world, we basically have no signifier for quality?

Price does not equate to quality. Many expensive things are uniquely shitty.

Brands are now meaningless. Who even owns kodak anymore? Is your Pyrex made of pyrex? (Spoiler: no! Not if it's new.)

Success can't equal quality, many successful products succeed due to planned obsolescence or other market manipulation.

The best way to know if a thing is any good is go ask someone who has one.

mf won't let me upload screenshots of my epic valheim build grrr

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