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hastag-less doodle!

this was something i did for a DND character sheet! i added the shame cube bit separate, though

it's a little passed halloween now, but here is a little gardevoir pfp commission i did for a friend! this mon is looking like they have miscevious machinations.

this cool cat tried their best at making a birthday cupcake... but they mixed up the recipe's temperature from fahrenheit to celsius! lucky the whole kitchen didn't get totally smoked out!

this was made for chips' birthday!

this is a gardevoir cosplaying i drew for a friend! happy birthday, nova!

another fusion! lugia and dragonite, as mentioned by @Cotton_Kitsch! lugia *and* dragonite are both some of my favourites!


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I make a lot of Neopets art. Anyone here remembers neopets? I animated this lava lamp blumaroo time ago 😁
#mastoart #neopets #furry #DigitalArt

another fusion doodle! this one may be a little tougher to guess, but i like how their face turned out!

something seems different about this porygon! could it be because they are only found back in ancient hisui?

here's a sorta spooky mew face! made it as a reaction pic, but i don't think i've ever used it as a reaction yet, haha

here's another combo pokemon! reccommended to try by @Cotton_Kitsch! can you guess the two pokemon??

any other combos you may like to see? feel free to let me know!

another birthday mon! one of my friend ed's favourite pokemon is lilligant! i don't know how he feels about cupcakes, though...

i like to try and draw people their favourite pokemon for their birthday! here's one such one

here's a wacky lil bellossom. i went a little off model for it, though! i still need to touch of a few things, i think

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this was a commission i did for a friend! wheezing is wearing what is called a "zoot suit". like in The Mask!

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