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Although is down, I was able to import the (outdated) list of accounts I was following from my instance before that! Which means this account just followed a lot of people. Please don't be alarmed or feel that you have to accept my follow request.

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Hey, the instance I normally use is down right now, so I'm actually gonna be on here for a bit.

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Image of tweet in question covered because even tho it's been censored already it's prolly still nsfw and the text is DEFINITELY nsfw

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The horny fort bragg twitter is hilarious. Like fuck the troops but "staring him in the eyes, or tickling his nose in this case" is pure gold

dysphoria mention 

I really hope trans readings of media probably not intended to be trans keeps picking up as a trend because it certainly is in my brain.
Seriously I was listening to this song and that one line jumped out and I was like "wait what" and immediately replayed it. And it just really spoke to me since I had sooo many dreams where I was a woman surrounding the beginning of my Gender Awakening.

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dysphoria mention 

We Intertwined is better as a song about gender dysphoria actually. "Inside my head she is somewhere" etc

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okay hear me out the among us hype is just murderstuck all over again

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hs mods 

detective pony'd homestuck would be a sight to behold

Oh hey I actually have an account on from back in 2018, maybe I should use it to talk about tabletop games. Follow me @robot_face if you're interested

Using a d20 instead of a 2d6 in my PBtA hack because nothing is sacred

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GitHub has removed the ability to access youtube-dl's source code due to a DMCA request by the RIAA

... The clear purpose of this source code is to (i) circumvent the technological protection measures used by authorized streaming services such as YouTube, and (ii) reproduce and distribute music videos and sound recordings owned by our member companies without authorization for such use. We note that the source code is described on GitHub as “a command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites.” ...

Micah F. Lee (EFF/The Intercept @micahflee

"RIAA blitz takes down 18 GitHub projects used for downloading YouTube videos"

HN discussion:


Reddit search:


Censorship, propaganda, surveillance, and targeted manipulation are inherent characteristics of monopoly:

RMS, "The Right to Read" (1997):

Remember that the RIAA is a bad-publicity-deflection cartel of its major members. These are:

#DMCA #youtubedl #RIAA #MPAA #github #Censorship #Surveillance #Propaganda #Manipulation #Monoply #CensorshipPropagandaSurveillanceMonopoly #TheRightToRead #EFF

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Gunnerkrigg spoilers 

OK I know Kat's just using they/them for Annie because there are literally 2 Annies. But what if Annie used they/them

TTRPG talk 

This really is going to be a horrifying chimera of a system. I'm very excited


That last "very" was my phone's keyboard and not me, but I suppose it's appropriate

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Introducing a new race for my PBtA/GLoG hack Space World, an empire of vaguely insectoid aliens with a brutal caste system based on blood color, and also they all have different psychic powers depending on which color their blood is. No I haven't heard of Homestuck before no idea what you're talking about

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Homestuck, repetition 

I am not going to put Homestuck in my ttrpg. I am not going to put Homestuck in my ttrpg. I am very going to put Homestuck in my ttrpg. I am

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Homestuck, spelljammer 

The process by which goldbloods in Homestuck power spaceships is basically just spelljamming. Come to think of it the alternians would really fit right in to the spelljammer setting

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ttrpg opinions question 

In a "wizards and spaceships" setting (sort of like spelljammer/star wars/numenera but not bound to any specific lore because I haven't written it yet) what sorts of characters would you want to play? What features would you want the system to have?

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