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This is a GitHub repository containing the source code of Pokémon Red and Blue, disassembled and refactored to human-readable (and editable!) asm.

While the code is refactored, its functionality is untouched, and the ROMs you built with this code will be identical to the one that is on US Pokémon Red or Blue cartridge.

It is a really cool and interesting project!

What I did with this some months ago as an experiment with this was adding a "BEPIS" type in the game, a type that was resisting any other type and itself, but normal, to which it was weak to, and I made Charmander being of this type to test it, and it worked. Was a fun thing to do

@not_on_pizza I don't actually know but my guess would be that there would be a maximum number of 255 types since every other thing is the game is coded using 8-bit adresses

@Siphonay aren't there a few forks fixing the present big when it's possible?

@Ronflaix maybe one of them is? hehe I don't have the motivation to check them all. But that would be a neat project to make a debugged version of these games

I know the romhack RedPlusPlus does fix bugs, though!

@Siphonay generally has similar quality disassemblies, with some of them (such as even documenting several bugs, and offering fixes !

@Siphonay I used this to make a build of the game (actually their ruby source code) so that when you go to a pokemon center and try to heal your pokemon the person says "sorry our systems are down", so you can't heal them there.

also when you white-out the game softlocks :3

@Siphonay There's one of crystal too! I don't know if there's one of gold and silver, but probably.

@Felthry there is, and also ones for ruby/sapphire and emerals

@Siphonay This is amazing, but how have Nintendo's lawyers not caught wind of it?

@deadsuperhero @Siphonay

there's no money in chasing this down, so they're not motivated

they'll probably shut down this repo but they're not like screaming into phones for it

and once it's out there, it's potentially out there forever anyway

(plus it'd probably remind people to buy the remakes if those are/will be a thing? maybe they got smart about how this 'viral' thing works)

@sydneyfalk @deadsuperhero if it become viral they're 100% going to take this down, at least on GitHub. They don't care about good publicity, they can make enough publicity for their license on their own. Nintendo are very protective of their IPs.

@Siphonay @deadsuperhero

Then I have to try to imagine they didn't hear about it yet, which seems plausible if they're still playing the "we do our own PR" game. So I guess they don't know yet?

make sure it's in enough places by the time they do ;)

@sydneyfalk @deadsuperhero oh I think that's a project that started long before being on GitHub! I think the pret team has made sufficient backups hehe

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