Metronome is fun in its unpredictability, but I look forward to when my :togepi:​ learns more practical moves.

I'm watching this and it's kinda funny to me because I've never played a poke generation with fairy type in it. So in my generations, :azumarill:​ is just not that strong. And I was kind of surprised when a fighting type move wasn't effective because before it was a fairy type that would have knocked it right out or at least taken off a big chunk of health.

I was just reminded of Nuzlocke runs today and it's just like...let's remove all fun from this game.

Just my take. I get 1 save spot and I want to have fun with it. I want to catch the pokemon I really like, I want the chance to bond with them, and it's these things and the strategy that make this game so much fun for me. So removing 2 out of the 3 things that I like out of the game doesn't sound like a good time.

But I can watch others play it that way.

See that narrow beam? It's too narrow to walk across, but you know what would work? Riding your bike across it! Bicycle tightrope walking. Idk. Pokemon Diamond? I don't, I can't ride a bike, maybe I don't know just how much easier it is to traverse a narrow beam over a waterfall on a bike than on one's own feet.

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I've got two :dratini:​ I fished out of the waterfall cave in Mt. Coronet. One is named Princeling and will get an everstone after he evolves into a :dragonair:​ because they are just so elegant, and the other is named Missy Puff because :dragonite: looks like Puff the Magic Dragon meets Barney.

I've been through some shit that would be nice to avoid, but if I really could go back in time to be an earlier me, I'd be myself when I had pokemon card decks and went to Toys R' Us tournaments. Because at the time I was a cheating little butthole, and I lost every game because of it. But if I played honestly I really would have had fun, and had better memories from that time.

Well he's out of bed and his mom is like, "He's so full of energy. I wish he was quieter," and woman, your boy is out of bed for the first time after being trapped in nightmares for however long and you're just like "be quiet"? No.

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So I was thinking that sucks, but I'll just go train on Iron Island. That's when Sailor Eldritch pleaded I go to Fullmoon Island and get the Lunar Wing. So I was able to wake the boy after all...but he is still in bed so MAYBE his legs are tentacles or partly merboy. But surely he could just have a wheelchair, right? Idk.

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So on Canalave Island there's the son of Sailor Eldritch who, as far as I know, has no tentacles, but he is trapped in a nightmare so I went to Bulbapedia to see what I can do to help this boy. After reading some trivia and details about the dark pokemon of which he mutters, I determined that I could only help him if I had the Platinum game...


The radar wiggles and sparkles are hard to track in weather.

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