a very lucky find today!! ❤ Now to decide if I wanna toss it up into sword.

i made a new pokesona for myself a while ago! they're named symphony.

-points at taichi fujisaki- thats my dad now

the goat luck is with me but not for RADs. I'm suffering.

i am just a humble little creature and god is shaking this pokeball plus he calls life

habby new years eve 🎉 hopefully 2019 is kinder to everyone who wants it to be

another comic oc revamp! she's the villain. i dont think i ever gave her an actual design til now haha

my pokeball plus won't give me mew (despite being new??) which is Unfortunate but other than that its an a+ time. I might try connecting it with pokemon go to see how that works (it can spin stops for you? which is nice if it works in the car haha)

i jus wanna say.... the pokeball plus is very neat. i like that it makes the ball noises and stuff when you throw to catch in lets go. even with my small hands it is very small. 10/10


bouta have the fuckin WILDEST time

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i wonder how let's go does the birthday thing. excited to find out!!

i'm not comfy with sharing pictures of my face but here's pictures of my cats

soon i will no longer be jared, 19............... i will have to learn how to read

i dunno about you but................................... umbreon is incredibly good

over a year ago i failed a shiny guzzlord 124 resets in and i felt it so hard in my soul im pretty sure i died

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